Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Pakistanis are Angry at PM Imran Khan for Calling Bilawal Sahiba

The Priminister of Pakistan while speaking to the people at a political rally addressed certain accusation placed on him by his competitor’s rival political parties.  While addressing those concerns, PM Imran Khan called a rival leader Sahiba which didn’t settle with some people.

Folks Reacting to PM Imran Khan’s Statement

This is not the first time politicians have resorted to calling each other’s names and forgotten how to act in public. Imran Khan, the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, did just that, and some Pakistanis are not happy with this.

Some Pakistanis felt that elected PM acted is disgraceful and he has stooped way below his stature by passing such a comment.

While some are wondering if this also a slip of the old tongue just like the one in Iran where he while talking about how strong economic ties can prevent wars between countries termed Germany and Japan as neighbors.

It Had Some Hilarious Reactions Too

Jeremy McLean who is hearthrob of many Pakistanis had to say this.

Some feel that Khan is finally starting to show his true colors by using such slurs used to attract follower

Social media users also opined that use of such a language by a head of state is highly inept. He should show a moral high ground as he is a leader and a lot of people look up to him as a role model.

Why Criticise PM Imran Khan When Other Leaders do the Same

Many Pakistanis feel that opposing parties don’t have any right to tell the PM of as their leaders do the same thing. So we need to stop this hypocrisy once and for all.

many Pakistanis while defending the Khan felt that this was no mistake and are asking other supporters what’s the big deal their  political leader do it all the time as well.

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