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UNGA- PM Imran Khan Raises Voice against India’s Atrocities in Kashmir

“Will the world community appease to the market of 1.2bn or stand for justice and humanity?”, said Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

While addressing the United Nations General Assembly PM of Pakistan brought the world’s attention towards the Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir. He talked about the long term consequences of revocation of Article 370 which has snatched special status of Indian occupied Kashmir.

PM Imran Khan’s Address to General Assembly

In his speech, Prime Minister of Pakistan talked about climate change, corruption, Islamophobia and consequences of dominant Nazi ideology in India in the form of RSS.

While talking about the Kashmir issue Khan urged that India must lift the curfew. He reminded the United Nation of Its resolutions on Kashmir and how it was the organization’s responsibility to implement them.

He highlighted the fact that countries of the world were not condemning India’s brutality in Kashmir only because they feared losing access to a market of 1.3bn. The world was just choosing material well being over justice and humanity by ignoring the sufferings of millions of Kashmiris trapped in their state since Indian government-imposed curfew to suppress the resistance.

The Consequences of Kashmir Conflict

PM of Pakistan also opined that revocation of article 370 and imposition of the curfew was a thoughtless attempt by PM Modi as his attempt to repress Kashmiri Muslims was likely to radicalize them which could in turn cause events like Pulwama and endless blame game. Khan stated that such a situation was a threat to the peace and stability of the region in particular and the world in general because both India and Pakistan were nuclear-armed.

Reaction to PM Khan’s Speech

Overall, Pakistanis even Khan’s opponent applauded him for being vocal against climate change and authoritarianism the challenges the world was facing.

Journalists, showbiz celebrities, sportspersons, activists, and social media users commended their Prime Minister for voicing about the pressing issues in the United Nations.

Imran Khan’s speech summed up in four points.

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