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What Exactly Did PM Imran Khan Like About Taftan Quarantine Facility?

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan finally spoke to nation on the issue of coronavirus pandemic. His speech which was  filled with few safety instructions, “ghabrana nahi hai” and lot of self-appraisal didn’t go well with his critics as he seemed reluctant to take radical measures given the poor situation of economy, In his address PM talked about  Taftan quarantine facility in Balochistan . He reportedly remarked that facility that is hosting pilgrims from Iran  was operating at standard level.

Well, independent videos emerging from the place reveal the truth.

Is this the standard level according to Khan?

The video shows that pilgrims are kept in awful condition with poor maintenance staff, inadequate food supplies, and dirty toilets. So what exactly did PM mean when he praised the Taftan quarantine facility?

After listening to Khan’s speech last night, it seemed that Federal Government was not even aware of the situation.

Actual Situation at Taftan Quarantine Facility Gets Exposed

The number of total cases in Pakistan have risen  to above 290 as of 18th March 2020 and most of these cases are traced back to this camp. Earlier a death was also reported in Gilgit Baltistan which was later denied by authorities. The poor management of this camp is causing virus to escape and reach unaffected areas in Pakistan.

Balochistan province has always been underfunded by Federal Government. And now the government is loading it with a responsibility of setting up a quarantine facility? There is no way that this can’t cause trouble for public provided the provincial government doesn’t have fund and health doesn’t seem to be a top priority of federal government.

Khan wanted to advise people about stop crying “WOLF” every time they hear a rustle but it was slammed by social media.

People also did not accept his claim that Pakistan do not have sufficient resources to test every citizen.

Poor Management at Quarantine Camp

People think that pilgrims must be kept in a hygienic environment which is logical step that government failed to take.

Setting up a quarantine does not mean that sending the suspected far away from civilization. Khan talks highly about working together as a nation so how does this relate to his speeches?

This video shows how Pakistani Students in Qum, Iran are helping the infected by setting up free medical camps for coronavirus victims

And Pakistan is not taking care of the victims at Taftan Quarantine Facility which is hive of coronavirus at the moment as per standards. If pilgrims were kept in isolation where at least they had complete facilities then majority wouldn’t have condemned the government in the time of crisis as shown by Aljazeera video.

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