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PM Modi’s National Day Message to Imran Khan Confuses Indians

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan tweeted that he received greetings from Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on National Day of Pakistan. While many people have welcomed this move of PM Modi, Indians are confused as his act shows a staunch contradiction.

Here is what Prime Minister Modi sent to Imran Khan.

In another tweet PM Imran Khan welcomed PM Modi’s greetings on National Day of Pakistan and expressed his hope for working together for a peaceful, progressive and prosperous region.

What Is Making to Confused About PM Modi’s Gesture

Prime Minister of India sent his greeting to Imran Khan on the eve of National Day of Pakistan. Interestingly, GoI has reportedly announced to boycott the National Day ceremony to be held in Pakistan embassy in India in wake of Pulwama attack. Since the recent Indo-Pak tensions, the ruling government in India and a major faction of Indian media has been blatantly using anti-Pakistan rhetoric. Even, the politicians are widely using anti-Pakistan slogans in campaigns for upcoming elections.

But, now the recent gesture by PM Modi is making Indians confused what he is up to?

And questions are being raised for such dual behaviour of Indian goverment.

More People Calling Out the Double Standards

And, there are some memes on behalf of pro-Pakistan government social media activists as well.

Politicising Relations with Pakistan in India

Corruption was the most politicised issue in Pakistan’s 2018 General Elections. That doesn’t mean that Pakistani politicians have never tried to point score on their Kashmir and bi-lateral relations with India, policy. But, it seems that in upcoming Indian elections the war frenzy against Pakistan was the only politicised issue. Politicians from both parties, particularly from ruling party of BJP were actively busy in telling the folks how much they were willing to take action against Pakistan.

It seems that politicians are expecting public to vote them on the scale of how much they are capable of hating Pakistan.

Now, when PM Modi’s message to Imran Khan is getting highlights Indians reactions are more like; “What? All that hate was just propaganda and how could you send greetings to people of Pakistan on their national day?

Apart from all that debate on BJP’s anti-Pakistan rhetoric and Indians’ confusion on PM Modi’s message there is no harm in giving peace a chance. The past few weeks have already seen enough propagation of hate in the name of proving patriotism.

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