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Is this Poster of PM Modi in Islamabad a Way to Raise Kashmir Issue?

A poster of PM Modi in Islamabad is raising a debate on Pakistan’s strategy of handling the Kashmir issue. It was hanging in front of the Diplomatic Enclave of Serena Hotel. The odd illustration showed Indian PM as a blood-sucking monster with the words “Destroyer of Peace” written on it. Moreover, it asked the passers to press their horn if they agreed with those words.

One may wonder how can pressing horns can be any good for the atrocities going on in Kashmir. Many have found this distasteful since the poster was addressing one of the most serious events in human history.

The day was 5th August 2019, on which the Indian Government stripped away the special status of Kashmir by revoking article 370 in the Indian Constitution. The entire region faced an all-communications blackout and a strong military presence. Each year on this day, supporters of Kashmir cause all over the world gather up to protest that “Black Day” in Kashmir.

Poster of PM Modi Does not Stand for Kashmir Cause

The move which is welcomed by the majority of India is considered cruelty and betrayal by Kashmir and Pakistan. There were massive protests in the region against India’s decision but the Indian forces attacked the citizens and arrested many activists from their homes. This is a kind of issue that needs to be addressed on an international forum repeatedly until the world realizes what it is letting happen under its nose. However, putting up posters like this is not going to help any cause.

It Looks Immature and Off-topic

To many it looked like some really insensitive and immature child was behind this behavior. However, the odd silence from mainstream Pakistani media about the viral topic was highly unusual. It is still unclear who put up the poster and if it was removed or not.

It clearly asked the public to spread noise pollution in their own country by honking horns that won’t even reach Kashmir or PM Modi. Also, PM Modi was not solely responsible for Kashmir losing its sovereign status, it was the decision of the entire Indian government which the majority of Indians also agreed with. Hence, singling out one person from the crowd does not make sense. Moreover, it was also not the proper way to raise this issue.

Similar Posters in the Past

It seemed like that the artist was trying to make PM Modi look like Dracula or the devil with drops of blood coming out his mouth. In 2019, a group of activists led a Black Day protest outside the Indian High Commission in London after revocation of article 370. There was also a poster showing Modi as Dracula of Kashmir, who has taken so many innocent lives. A woman associating herself with Pakistan Tahreek-E-Insaaf (PTI) at that time was seen with that poster.

Most PTI supporters have been found with an extremist stance towards Modi rather than the actual Kashmir issue. Instead of raising it with proper dialogue and highlighting a major issue that Kashmiris are facing, several accounts have been seen re-posting similar non-sense on social media.

It kills the aim of speaking up for the freedom of Kashmir when some entities start doing the same what India has been doing, avoiding the Kashmir resolution for the sake of political competition.

Pakistan and India have fought 2 wars (1965 and 1971) over Kashmir along with several armed conflicts. Most recently they engaged in a series of aerial assaults over the territory in February 2019, when India carried out cross-border airstrike after accusing Pakistan of the 2019 Pulwama attacks. Pakistan however defended the attack and captured its Wing Commander, Abhinandan but later released him. Shortly after, India revoked article 370 in an attempt to take full control of Kashmir.

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