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P&O Ferries Sues UK Government over Brexit Ferry Settlement Fiasco

A ferry company called P&O is suing the UK’s Department of transportation for immaturely handing 33 million Pounds of taxpayers’ money to Euro tunnels in an out of court settlement.  The government failed to include it in an emergency cross-Channel services contract and scrapped  Seaborne Freight contract.

The Settlement Puts Us at A Disadvantage Says P&O Ferries

While talking to the media, a spokesperson of P&O Ferry’s told that they had provided vital transportation services between Britain and the continent for years on a level playing field against other compotators.

We understand that it is essential for the government to make a contingency plan to protect its international supply chains in case of no deal Brexit. We strongly believe that the 33 million pound settlement is unlawful because the money provided will be used to improve the tunnel infrastructure putting us in a competitive disadvantage.

 The transportation minister Chris Grayling is already under great pressure to reign over the fairy fiasco case in which a company was awarded 14 million pound contract had no ferries at all, not to mention the terms and conditions displayed on its website were copied from a pizza website.

We Believe We Acted in the Right Manner Given the Circumstances

According to a government spokesman, the decision to contract farriers for transportation of goods in case of no deal Brexit was a cross-governmental decision. The deals allowed Britain to secure the vital freight capacity needed to transport medical and other essential supplies in case of no deal Brexit.

While refraining from commenting on the legal challenge placed by P&O the spokesman further stated that they stood by  their decision regarding the settlement they made with Eurotunnel given the current circumstances they were in. The deal offered them security, so they took it.

The contract awarded to Brittany Ferries and DFDS has cost the government 89 million pounds so far. A Further increase in cost is expected due to delays in Brexit.

 The Current Condition

Ever since the UK decided to leave the EU a hail of problems have descended down on it. Since the decision the country has split into two it seems. The different deals presented to parliament has been time and again rejected forcing the UK to ask for extension upon extension. There is no telling how this fiasco will end

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