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Police Arrests Suspect Responsible for Tokyo Train Attack

On Sunday evening, a 24-year-old wearing the Joker costume injured 17 people on the Keio Tokyo train. The attack turned out to be horrifying as the chaos began to rise after he started a fire and stabbed the passengers. Since it was Halloween and many were making videos and pictures, the terrified public could be seen running through the passage and jumping out of the windows to save themselves. Sooner, the cops took the suspect in custody. The culprit presented a disturbing motif for attempting to kill innocent people.

Brutal Tokyo Train Attack Consequences

According to reports, the Tokyo train attack was initiated by a 24-years-old Kyota Hattori dressed as Joker from the Batman movies. He started the fire in train using a lighter fuel that caused hustle among the passengers. He then started stabbing people one by one. Reportedly, 16 people were marginally injured due to inhaling smoke and a Knife attack but one aged man, supposedly in his 70s was stabbed in the chest and is currently critical.

According to the witnesses of the horrifying incident, the attack was more like a movie scene as the crowd was wearing Halloween costumes and suddenly everything turned into a nightmare. The public was terrified enough to run and jump out of the windows because the doors were closed and they couldn’t get out. Also, those who took pictures and made videos exposed the man’s appearance on social media. People could see a guy in a purple suit with a bright green shirt and a tie on the platforms.

Joker Character Inspires the Young Hattori to Attack Innocents

The media reports revealed the Joker wannabe’s statement to the police officials. He told the cops about his obsession with the famous comic and movie character, The Joker. People are somehow relating the recent Tokyo train incident with the scene from the later Joker movie in which the Joker Actor Joaquin Phoenix attacks people in a train after being harassed by them. Moreover, the arrested suspect stated that he purposely committed this crime to get the death penalty. No further information regarding the motif has been disclosed yet.

Other Suspicious Attacks in the Safest Country of the World

Japan is believed to be the safest country in the world but it has witnessed similar cases over the past years. The country is strictly against violence as it has not allowed any citizen to even carry a pocket knife. Despite the regulation of strict laws, the state has experienced several soul-shaking incidents.

Before this horrifying Tokyo train attack, an attacker stabbed a man on the train. According to reports, he was trying to kill a woman who seemed happy. His statement was as bizarre as his crime, according to the public. In 2016, Japan witnessed the most terrifying mass killing after an attack on a care home for disabled people took lives on 19 people. There have been several other brutal attacks but the recent one has gained much attention since the inspiration was a movie character.

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