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Indian Police Attacks Jamia Millia and AMU after Students Protest against CAA

BJP government’s project to make India a Hindu nationalist state is coming at the cost of democratic values and lives of the students. As protests by citizens and students erupted in Assam and other states of India against discriminatory Citizen Amendment Act, Indian government resorted to brutal colonial means to curb the dissent and silence protesters. Cops in Dehli presented the worst show of brutality by assaulting an old institute Jamia Millia and attacking students with batons and tear gas.


While, there was not much media coverage of the incidents folks kept on posting about the incidents on social media and showed their solidarity with the students who were becoming the direct victim of state’s brutality merely for raising their voice against a discriminatory amendment.

Why Police Attacked on Jamia Millia and Ali Garh Muslim University (AMU)

The recent protests surged in parts of India particularly in Muslim majority states after lower house of Indian parliament passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). According to this Amendment India will grant citizenship to religious groups like Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis and Jains from countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The amendment doesn’t mention Muslims.

CAB in the guise of allowing citizenship to persecuted minorities is a way to make the millions of Muslim immigrants, particularly from Assam stateless. Different factions of Indian society particularly students from Universities like JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Jamia Millia Islamia and Ali Garh University are protesting against this draconian Act which is authenticating hatred and bigotry towards Muslims by making it part of Indian constitutions while pushing the secular ethos aside.

Attacks by cops on Ali Garh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia seem a coward attempt to silence dissidents and crush the protests against government’s action to authenticate discirmination against Muslims through constitution.

Police Brutality on Students

According to social media posts by students of the attacked campuses Police not only targeted males but also female students. Footage of cops hitting the female protesters assaulting the hostels are going viral.


Police not only targeted the students who protested against CAB but also attacked those who were in library.

Attacks on campuses are just giving students more reasons to raise outcry against the authorities for their atrocious behavior.

According to some reports the Police has later released the detained students from Jamia Millia but much damage has been done.

Students from all over the India are protesting not against CAA but also against Police’s attack on campuses. They are uniting to fight Modi government’s discriminatory policies against the Muslim citizens of India.

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