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Poor Donkey Becomes the Victim of Political Hatred in Karachi

Election fever has reached high in Pakistan and people are not even sparing the poor animals to express their hate and wrath. In a gruesome incident of its kind supporter of a party have targeted an equine by painting the name of a political opponent and then brutally beating the poor soul just to make him a victim of political hatred.

The incident has outraged Pakistanis who are calling out the dead conscience of the people.

A Donkey Becoming Victim of Political Hatred

While the world is looking at how general elections 2018 will determine the fate of Pakistan, they have at least exposed the mentality of the public. The issue came into the spotlight when a Facebook user shared on the social media platform how he found that brutally tortured donkey on the road and tried to help him.

In his post where he also shared the images of the victim, the user Abdullah Mahmood wrote, “Have been trying to help this poor monkey for more than two hours alone now… He seemed sitting injured or ill, unable to move in the middle of the road, then a car hit and went on ignorantly, passersby would slow drive and walk away when asked to help. And all this an output of some political rally probably trying to shame Nawaz.

ACF Animal Rescue Saved the Donkey

Later, ACF Animal Rescue saved the donkey that became a victim of political hatred. The NGO also shared its pictures and told how the animal was beaten to the pulp and punched in face and abdomen several times.

ACF animal rescue also updated on the donkey’s health that he is not eating much and his body is still stiff yet shaking in fear. His wounds have been clean and he has been given painkillers. He is drinking water on his own.

An Outrage on Social Media

The fact how people made a helpless donkey victim of the political hatred outraged the social media users who question the piety, kindness, and consciousness of those cruel political supporters.

Here is what they had to say on such a widespread animal abuse.

Filmstar Armeena Khan also took to the social media to condemn the incident.

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