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How Students Are Suffering From Poor Internet In Gilgit-Baltistan?

Twitter exploded with painful reminders of the long standing Internet apocalypse in the magnificent northern region of Pakistan. Special Communication Organization (SCO) is responsible for providing the internet in the region. It is operated by the Ministry of Information Technology And Telecommunication which is a division of the Government of Pakistan (GoP). However, Pakistani Military is behind the maintenance of the organization which explains why it is not digitally sound.

Students Facing Issues Due To Internet In Gilgit-Baltistan

The speeds students are getting is embarrassing. It would be quite impossible for the students to perform their tasks with a transfer rate like this.

Students are feeling so helpless in Gilgit-Baltistan that they can’t even raise their voice through a loud channel

Sometimes they have to climb mountains in order to take online classes. There is a genuine health hazard involved in climbing mountains no matter how careful the climber can be. Government communication authorities must consider assisting the public rather than letting everyone suffer for their shortcomings. On the other hand, who would focus on study with a view like that?

Here are some students who reported their losses due to the lack of responsibility from the people responsible for communication in the region

Other Citizens Standing up For Students

The Internet is a major challenge during so many crises in Pakistan. Certain levels of skills are required to make the internet effective in the prairie and boreal land like Gilgit-Baltistan. Additional stress is being put on the authorities to help students in this matter.

Some people are worried that they may get fired for not being able to work from home due to the internet. They had to relocate to other poorly urbanized cities of Pakistan to save the job. This journey is known to demand sacrifice of mental peace and stability.

This user says that people of Gilgit-Baltistan have already sacrificed a lot of fight illiteracy in their region. The government would be disregarding their hard work if the internet stays the same.

Rest of Pakistan chronically makes travel plans only to watch the indescribable beauty of the northern region. However, GBians think that there is so much more to their land than just landscapes

Why Are Authorities Not Taking Any Action?

Students demand SCO to admit that their monopoly has failed so they should just stop struggling. They can simply remove the barriers for other companies so they can enter in the market and operate optimally. 

They associated SCO with an iconic criminal mastermind of Hollywood, The Joker. The company is continuously failing for so many years and yet it is forcefully carrying on the torturous services.

Ironically, the communication authority has warded off the communication rights of citizens. It is clear that monopolization has to end in order to develop the Internet in Gilgit-Baltistan. Students think, if the company does not have the required set of skills to operate in this region then they should rightfully quit.

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