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Popular Gaming YouTubers with Highest Subscribers Count

Gaming has been entertaining enough for those interested in virtual fun, but some popular gaming YouTubers created a new trend of streaming while enjoying their games. Today, thousands of people are joining YouTube to show their expert skills. They stream the videos of certain gameplays or go even live while handling a challenging mission of a particular game. The trend is big enough to understand that the online gaming world is extremely big that people know who they want to subscribe to on the platform to get the desirable updates regarding their favourite title.

5 Popular Gaming YouTubers and their Channels

Many popular gaming YouTubers are into posting content for their fans as most of them are believed to be celebrities due to their streaming, subscribers, and view count. Also, every gaming Youtuber has a signature game or multiple titles at times. These 5 streamers are the best ones with expert skills in several games.


People can assume by figure 111m (subscribers) that PewDiePie is one of the biggest YouTube channels in terms of consistency, content quality, and famous gameplays. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg created the channel in 2010 and has been seeing success only. Felix’s streaming has been recognized globally due to his humoristic commentary and indulging more streamers into the videos. Reportedly, the YouTuber hasn’t been contributing to the streaming trend but is still considered among the finest gamers. Also, he has multiple other platforms to run which are equally reputed.


Those who know about the games Minecraft, Far Cry 5, and The Last of US must have an idea that Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, the German Youtuber, is the one who entertains gamers on his JuegaGerman channel. Aranis is one of the most popular YouTubers to have 45m subscribers. Like most of the good streamers, he has an excellent sense of humour that he adds while streaming.


Salvadoran Luis Fernando Flores Alvardo is the creator of the Fernanfloo YouTube channel, which has 44m subscribers. He not only streams but makes reaction videos of multiple games like Resident Evil and Five Nights at Freddy’s. The guy is a multi-tasker as he runs both YouTube and Twitch. Also, his fans mostly request him to make reaction videos of their favourite games.


Mark Edward Fischbach’ Markiplier has got comparatively less subscribers, 30m to be exact, since he has an eye for the only gothic genre and his audience is limited. He streams only horror games on YouTube. When people were wondering about Resident Evil Village Characters and plot, he noticed the curiosity and made a video as soon as the game got released. Other than that, people love the streamer for his brilliant commenting and perfect timing of adding puns while talking about a horror scene.


VanossGaming is a profoundly popular YouTube channel with 25.5m subscribers, and Evan Fong is the Canadian and one of the popular gaming YouTubers who rules it. The speciality of Evan is that he collaborates with other content creators and commentators like H2ODelirious and Ohmwrecker. Another thing that makes him so special is his way of describing the game and passing comments while playing. The channel’s most viewed and liked videos include two games; Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

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