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Top 10 Most Popular Indoor Extreme Sports

There are many indoor games which are exclusively built for the development of the human body and mind. The indoor extreme sports are the best way to get rid of stress, depression, and anxiety. At the same times, they also enhance the coordination between mind and body.

Top 10 Indoor Extreme Sports


This is a game of strategy where two people play their part as the planners and the rulers of two kingdoms on the battlefield. This battlefield is made of an 8*8 grid consisting of 64 squares. This one of the popular indoor extreme sports was originated in Eastern India, c. 280–550, during the Gupta Empire, previously known as Chaturaṅga (Sanskrit: चतुरङ्ग) which refers to the division of the military.

People of that era could judge people from the way they played chess. Observing the way opponents executed the strategy on the Chessboard proved helpful in evaluating them. This is one of the best indoor sports because it helps enhance the mental health and strategic growth rapidly. It is also suitable for those who are not able to show their expertise in the field due to any physical disability. Remarkable planning techniques get produced in your mind naturally during the battle on board.


When no one accepts a creature water does, it is said that the purity of water makes the soul more pure and energetic, with the fit soul, the body and mind also become relaxed and anxiety free. Swimming is the most naturally developed indoor extreme sports ever.

It is likely for the stressed people to suffer from water as well. But, when you don’t face the waves, you always stand idly thinking about the disasters which happened in the past. Swimming enables people to reduce their stress and thus enjoy a happy life. It is declared as the best exercise for hypertense and obese people. Swimming is the way to secure your body and mind at the same time.


People started playing squash in the sixteenth century where the use of plastic rackets with the intention of playing with the ball became common. Squash which is said to be the game of rackets originated from London. In this game, the players hit the squeezable ball towards the wall. It is the ultimate exercise and the best way to develop friendly relationships with the people around. This indoor sport not only reduces weight but it also improves stamina in the human body.

Indoor Extreme Sports


A bounce here and the bounce there makes you play even fairer! Yes, here the discussion is about badminton. One of the most advanced indoor extreme sports which enables you to hit your fears out by smashing the badminton shuttlecock. The game usually has two players who are divided by net whereas it also has a four players format. There are many essential tournaments which are organized globally for the enhancement and popularity of this extreme indoor sport.

It is the perfect answer for how to improve reaction time.


This is the most favorite indoor game of males. It is the correct development of the strategy, plan and the execution, all three in one time. Your brain and your body interact more frequently, ultimately becoming more active and stable.  Snooker was first played in 1870’s, and this game got the recognition as the extreme indoor game in 2001.

Table Tennis

Table tennis was first played in the Victorian dynasty, 1880’s.  While this game got the recognition in the Olympics since 1988., 2 or four players could play this extreme indoor game which has many benefits. It makes the human body more responsive and fast. Moreover, table tennis is one of the most effective indoor extreme sports for developing the reflexes more quick and robust.


Now one of the most favorite games of all those who love to cherish a quality time also. This game is the ultimate mixture of fun and targeting practice. When the ball is held and thrown then its best part is this human angle adjustment is more accurately developed by the practice.


They say that male has made the volleyball and women preceded the development. There is no space for freelancing in this game, which is a sheer depiction of unity, fun and quality time. You have your teams lined up to fight the enemy.



No one would have heard about the best game which relaxes your temperament, develops angles, increase reflexes and reduce stress at the same time. But here boxing is, you can play it anywhere you want. You can have a punching bag in your room too. You can also include it in the exercise routine to help ease stress.


One of the most popular and well-enjoyed sports is the basketball. This is one of the biggest and the most played indoor sport. This was the most crucial game in Olympic. It was played 126 years ago in the US. Both the teams fight for a ball whereas each team has five players. Players can chase their ball and snatch it back from the opponent according to the rules of the game.

The above mentioned extreme indoor games are the best source of development and activity.

Here is a quick note which is very important for everyone to know. If you want to become invincible, then indoor extreme sports are as important as outdoor games. Make yourself and your upcoming generations active, being active refers to the enjoyment, quality time and relaxation as well.

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