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These Suggestions to Alternatives of Vaping Are Hilarious

In light of recent research showing the increasing potential addiction and dangers of the vaping various countries and states have either banned it or are in the process of introducing legislation to ban it. India is one of the latest countries to ban vaping.

The alternatives people are suggesting to e-cigarettes are hilarious and worth taking a look at.

Alternatives To Vaping

According to recent research vaping is ten times more dangerous as compared to normal cigarets. A person using it is ten times more likely to start smoking if he wasn’t a smoker before. To make matters worse, people who use e-cigarettes develop a strange form of cancer that is considered untreatable. One of the many alternatives the public is suggesting is weed as its healthier choice, whatever that means.

Improve Your Life

 One of the many problems caused by smoking regular or otherwise is a reduction in lung capacity, which in turn causes shortness of breath or emphysema, aka smokers cough. The only way to counter these problems is to work out. So stop whining and improve your health.

Probably the best solution of all is that you quit smoking because it’s a healthier and a much better choice than the rest.

Make The Sensible Decision

There are a lot of knockoff companies selling poor quality or replicate products that pose a more significant threat to the safety and health of a person. Usually, these products are sold in shady places at a cheaper price. So stay clear of these places and go at reputed retailers to buy the original product. The average legal age to purchase or sell smokes is 18. At this age, a person can make mature decisions; hence do the right thing as you mature enough to make the right choice.

Some alternatives put forth are so insane that they sometimes remind people of crazy things president Trump says. For example, the most recent one being his impeachment will cause a civil war.

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