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Brexit Fuels the Call for Scottish Independence

To the surprise of many, it seems that the call for Brexit has relit the flames of Scottish independence. Five years ago Scottish call for independence lead to a referendum that resulted in the nays winning.

Why Scottish Independence is Again on Cards?

On 18th Sept 2014, the UK government held an independence referendum in Scotland in an attempt to settle the problem once and for all. Any Scotsman above the age of 16 was at a polling booth voting. The referendum resulted in the nay winning by 55% vote as compared to the 45% of the Scottish who voted to leave the UK.

After the referendum, a series of promise and guarantees were given by the British government that was never delivered.

Staying In The EU Is Better For Us

Five years down the road the people of Scotland are again calling for Scottish independence as a result of Brexit. Unlike the rest of the UK, the Scottish people want to stay in the EU and retain all the perks that come with it.

A lot has changed since the Scottish referendum. People who at one time were against an autonomous Scotland have had a change of heart and feel that the only way to secure a brighter future for their children is independence.

Scottish MPs Feeling Closer to Independence

For a long time, the Scottish have been striving for independence but have failed to secure it every time due to some political or social reason. Despite the constant failures the Scottish drive for independence keeps on manifesting itself with more and more vigor, which in the sight of many will ultimately pave the way after Brexit.

Those who are arguing Scotland’s independence for their want to have a future with EU are countered with arguments of how other European countries like France are looking for an exit from the European Union.

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