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How Far Is World from Making Coronavirus Vaccine

There has been a mounting excitement over the recently revealed antimalarial drug as an actual coronavirus vaccine. Contrary to the hype, it was nothing more than a disappointment. Plenty of scientists, researchers and doctors are tirelessly working towards treatments that can tackle the virus. Given the alien nature of coronaviruses that are present in bats, few failed attempts can be expected.

According to recent media reports, scientists are studying more than 1000 samples of the virus. Yet, they could only produce potential candidates for the vaccines that had disappointing results. There is an unexplained instability in all of these candidates. Their effects do not last long enough to win the battle against this beast. Even anti-malarial drug chloroquine has not proven beneficial in treating this disease.

Why Potential Candidates for Coronavirus Vaccine Are Failing?

According to the scientists and researchers who closely study the genetic code of coronavirus, the pathogen is mutating at a significantly low rate inside the host. Every virus evolves and it rapidly circulates inside the human body in big numbers. This also causes the virus to falter and mutate imperfectly across the human bodies. As a result, most strains of the virus are defeated by antibodies and the rest can be treated by an easily available vaccine.

This is not the case with COVID-19, this beast does not make any mistake in mutating itself. It may mutate at slower pace but its person-to-person transmission rate is seen by the whole world. So, these potential candidates for coronavirus vaccines are just like annual flu vaccines. They are not suitable against a resilient COVID-19.

The Complications Associated with Genetics of Virus Are Enormous

This virus is intelligent and knows its way around a human body. As science explains, there are three major components for all living beings to operate; DNA, RNA, and Proteins. DNA is like a storage for all genetic data that determines the characteristic and behavior of each living being. Now DNA needs RNA and Proteins to perform required work around the cells.

RNA has to decode and transmit genetic data from DNA and use it to create proteins required by human body. This process is called protein synthesis and spike protein is the most important protein which binds to the cell receptor in line with respiratory system. Now this is the mythical keyhole for coronavirus to gain access in to human cells. Much like SARS virus that also used similar proteins to attack human cells. Which is the reason, why most scientists are in the favor of trying a similar coronavirus vaccine used to defeat SARS. Coronavirus also attaches to the spike protein, corrupts it and then infects respiratory system with corrupted protein, causing it to go hay-wire.

Scientists mentioned that if somehow it is possible to prevent the virus from hacking the biological system, then it cannot enter human cells. If virus cannot find the keyhole, it quietly awaits its doom.

Coronavirus is Actually Too Smart for A Vaccine

There has been a global competition in the development of coronavirus vaccine. Number of companies and individuals are joining in a race to produce the most effective vaccine and score their points. Reportedly, the countries are also required to pay “a little compensation” to a group that develops the vaccine. Still there is no proper medical alternatate other than using the best preventive measures for coronavirus.

But before that, it is imperative to understand the virus and learn from the people who have tried their ways and failed. It has to be a strong vaccine that does the job in one go unlike current candidates who require multiple injection and still not effective. Something that would be resilient in front of the pathogen and prolongs immunity of biological systems.

Many companies have tried virus-based immune therapy but reportedly met with horrible results that they are ashamed to disclose themselves. One biological company Moderna, has advanced in the race of vaccine development. Their human tests have been safe so far, which is surprisingly impressive. The testing and development phase of any virus-based immune therapy is complicated because there is a risk of contracting virus while receiving vaccination.

This solution involves convincing the body to generate more proteins that are harmless and resembles the virus. This will reactivate antibodies that will fight off both fake proteins and the actual virus. This the most workable solution out of the others but will it be affordable? Probably yes for the countries like the US, Canada, UK, China or EU but what about countries like Iran, or Pakistan?

If drug mafia continues to excessively cash on the illness of the world, then patient would completely lose the will power to fight. The virus does not consider person’s income, neither should the vaccine.

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