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5 Potential Harms of Social Media Use

Numerous studies conducted by governmental and non-governmental agencies have listed social media as the birthplace of potential harms like cyber bullying and mean of spreading fake news.

Here Are 5 Potential Harms of Social Media

Let’s have a look at the ways social media is interfering with your life.

Losing Relatibility To Life

Numerous researches have shown that people who use social media too much lose their ability or fail to relate to real life events. Take a funeral, for example, a normal human being would condole the family and act in a mature manner while the person suffering from social media addiction, the first thing he’s going to do Is whip out his phone and start taking pictures of the dead person and his family. Instead of sympathising the family for their loss like a reasonable person.

It is also a fact that social media is a hot bed of fake news and it makes it difficult for users to separate fact from fiction.

Virtual Reality  Is Like

Some people develop such a severe addiction that they lose the ability to differentiate between reality and virtual reality. They spend hours and hours online. They severe all ties with reality.

According to physiologists, the majority of people suffering from social media addiction have a miserable social life. So to fulfill their social requirements turn to social media. The potential harms this addiction may cause is much higher than drugs or alcohol.

It Causes Depression

There is ample proof showing that one of the leading factors that cause depression is social media. Its human nature to compare ourselves with others. This ability helps us not only learn but also protect ourselves from other potential harms by helping us avoid making the same mistakes others have made and ended up regretting.

When we view someone’s post exhibiting their lavish lifestyle or something we don’t have at times generates a feeling that makes us think less of our selves leading people to become depressed and even develop suicidal tendencies.

Disruption In Long Term Goals

The social media is designed in such a way that you can’t get enough of it. You are constantly reeled in using different marketing techniques. So you spend more time on the social media platform and spend less time doing something constructive to achieve your goals in life.The potential harms associated with this include an increase in crimes and social degradation.

Used To Collect Sensitive Information

One of the potential harms associated with social media is the growing number of criminals using it as a tool to stock or troll their victims has increased. In multiple investigations conducted by the police found the perpetrator listing social media as a pivotal tooling to collect information regarding their victim. The Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal is also an example of how political bodies can exploit these platforms to influence opinions.

So a person should be careful about what they post online because once the post Has been uploaded or information is there they are not sure how many ways a potential criminal can be lurking behind.

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