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How to Prevent Cancer with Food-New Way To Fight Cancer

Cancer has become one of the leading causes of death. More than a million people die from this disease each year. People with cancer have 1:3 chance of surviving.  Majority of the people who die from this disease can’t afford to get cancer preventing treatment as its medicine is too expensive. Further, cancer is a chronic disease and not all the patients survive it despite taking medication. There is a lot of buzz on ways that prevent cancer with food but they haven’t a mainstream acceptance as compared to the traditional medication.

Is There Really A Way to Prevent Cancer with Food 

There are different way to treat cancers some conventional like medication, chemotherapy or surgery where applicable and unconventional methods like preventing cancer with food

Researchers over the years have developed a keen interest in food like citrus fruits, herbs like ginger or vegetables like broccoli which have substances that provide natural immunity to cancer patients. Such natural food items have substances like sulforaphane, vitamin c, and carotenoids.

 Research has shown that if a person eats a wide range of fruits, vegetables and herbs daily the chances of him suffering from cancer are impossible. Different diets have surfaced that prve preventing cancer with food is possible.

Like, Mediterranean diet which has a wide range of fruits and vegetables including other foods like nuts which also help prevent cancer.

Other foods that help in fighting cancer

  • Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like kale and spinach contain glucosinolates which help fight various cancers like breast cancer, stomach cancer and ovarian cancer to name a few 

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene and Beta-cryptoxanthin which studies have shown fight lung stomach and prostate cancers.

  • Black Raspberries

These barriers have are jam pack with phytochemicals called anthocyanins which help in fighting esophagus,colon,oral and skin cancer.

  • Nuts

Nuts like wall nut have phytosterols which help prevent cancers in  breast and prostate

  • Garlic

Garlic has so many benefits whether you eat it raw or cooked . It prevents the formation of nitrosamine and helps fight breast, stomach, and esophageal cancer

  • Beans

Black or navy beans have butyric acid which helps prevent cancers in the breast and colon

Food treatment as an excellent alternative to standard therapy

The standard treatment for cancer for many is too expensive to afford. Some doctors and scientists have suggested introducing food to prevent caner. Many believe that by doing so the number of cancer patients will decrease dramatically, and this will help improve the economic and social situation of many countries or areas where cancer is prevalent.

The standard treatment includes medication and chemotherapy which require the presence of trained staff while food treatment doesn’t. A person can buy the anti-cancer food form the market and eat it according to the instructions given.

 The researches are underway to comprehend the scope of food to prevent cancer. Till, now using food and cancer to prevent cancer is not considered an authentic way.

Controversies surrounding food-based cancer treatment

Where many have shown a keen interest in food-based cancer-preventing treatment the pharmaceutical companies are reportedly trying to prevent this from happening, as people wouldn’t buy their drugs and they will not make a money out of it. Contrary to this there is also an opinion that there is no way to use food to prevent cancer and all those allegations on pharmaceuticals are just a conspiracy theory.

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