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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Account To Nation Regarding IMF

All those parties in opposition which were getting caught for corruption criticize Imran Khan because he was in the urge of providing more aid to Pakistan from KSA and other countries than IMF. But Imran Khan’s Account to Nation is an integral part of his reply to all those who were buzzing about his consents and intention towards Pakistan.

Key Points Of Imran Khan’s Account

There are many valid points which were discussed in Imran Khan’s account with the nation, on 24th October 2018. Let’s view them in detail

Release In Burden

He said ‘There was a burden that many loans were taken by the previous government and the installment date of that debt was arriving. This created a massive burden on the nation. For reducing it, KSA helped us in providing their aid now there is less burden on us.’

Companionship with the friendly nations

Imran Khan said that “We are in talking terms with two more countries and as soon as they will respond to us, there will be another relief and burden will get a release even more!”

Successful Negotiation With Saudia

This negotiation with Saudia remained so successful that Imran Khan personally thanked Saudia for this help and aid of 6 billion dollars.

No NRO To The Corrupts

Now, this point is discussed in almost every speech or account of Imran Khan with the public that there will be no relief given to the corrupt people. The interesting point here is that opposition thinks that Imran Khan is making false cases oven them but he told the opposition that they have no idea these cases were a part of their past and were forced to them in their own tenure! No NRO will be given to these people who think that history will repeat itself as it did in Musharraf’s era!




Reaction Of the Public

Most of the people praised and criticized Imran Khan for his account, let’s see

Wait; there was criticism too!

So it’s the right of this nation to criticize what they feel is wrong. There should be freedom of expression! This way Pakistan will soon become monitored by its people, as no harm will be done if we kept our eyes open for every government. In case you missed the Speech you can listen here!

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