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Prime Minister Theresa May Hints At Initiating 4th Vote On Brexit Deal

After facing defeat for the third consecutive time Priminister Theresa May hinted that she might be looking to initiate a fourth vote as the Leave protesters gathered outside the parliament to voice their anger and demand there be no more delays.

Prime Minister Theresa May on 4th Vote

After having her deal rejected for the third time Prime Minister Theresa May hinted at initiating a fourth vote. On Friday, May lost the acceptance for her Brexit deals for the third time by 58 votes. The number of MPs who voted against Mays deals have decreased by 149 votes.

Increase in a vote for Brexit deal has encouraged Prime Minister Theresa May to initiate the fourth vote. Whether or not there will be another vote is not yet clear as MPs will gather on Monday to decide this. Jeremy Corbyn on Friday demanded that if May can not present an acceptable Brexit deal, she should resign or change the deal entirely.

What Is Happening Right Now?

  Till now the government has failed to win over 34 conservatives rebels who continue to refuse the deal stating that the current deal presented still keeps us closely aligned with the EU. The rejection of yet another deal has increased the probability of no deal Brexit.

 While talking to the media, a senior MP said that we can’t afford any more delays we need to resolve this problem now any further delay may prevent the UK form negotiating a suitable trade deal with the EU which could seriously affect the transportation of good within the block.

He further said that for now, it looks like it will take a miracle to stop a no deal Brexit. Major problems like Irish border crisis have severely affected the progress of the deal. As a solution and to prevent further hindrances it was suggested that Northern Ireland be subjected to different regulations temporarily

Experts fear if such a step is taken it may result in the splitting of Ireland entirely. The DUPs Westminster leader Nigel Dodds while talking to the media said that it’s better for us to stay in the EU rather risk the splitting of Northern Ireland.

Downing Street has suggested that Prime Minister Theresa May continue its negotiation with the DUP to resolve the issue. 

What Is The EU Reaction To The Situation

The EU like many pro-Brexiters has started to show signs of frustration. They have made it very clear that no more short extension will be provided this time as EU elections are coming. 12th April is the final date for Brexit otherwise it will face another delay for two years.

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