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Prince Philip Death Makes People Concerned for Meghan Markle

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip has died at the age of 99. Buckingham Palace announced that His Highness went away in peace at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England.

The prince was a longest-serving spouse of a reigning monarch in the history of Britain. He returned to Windsor Castle on 16th March after going through a heart procedure in hospital for a month. Along with the Royal Family, the entire world joined in to mourn the loss of a highly respected public figure.

The World Mouring the Prince Philip Death

The political world felt the deepest emotions of this loss. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent condolences to the Queen, who lost her perfect companion. The whole world recognizes the partnership that the duke shared with Queen. He has been loyal to her in worse times of her life when she was facing social, political, and family crises all at once. Both of them transformed an Empire into a Commonwealth of 52 associate states, led by the Queen.

Prince Philip has earned a lot of respect from some very big names in the football universe. According to reports, the great one, Jose Mourinho took a time from his press conference to offer condolences at the sad news. He said that it is only United Kingdom that is feeling this great loss.

Hollywood actor George Takei has also condoled with the Royal family on Prince Philips death.

Meanwhile on the dark side of social media, some people were expressing their feelings in a rather different way.

Public Responds with Memes

It was inevitable for the public to make fun of Philip’s death due to the notion of royalty and peasantry. They made a lot of appalling memes that didn’t go well with those really felt sad. At one point there was sorrow and on the other, many were having a laugh at countless sick jokes.

The people have been hurt over what happened to Princess Diana and blame most of it on the Royal Family for not making her feel at home. They often accuse the Queen and the Duke of being an embodiment of everything wrong with the monarchial system.

There were different views on how Diana might greet Prince Philip in afterlife.

Some critics went a little too far with their jokes. Based on widespread accusations, they showed how Black community would react at the death of an alleged racist.

The sad moment for the global community became an opportunity for the trolls to show their creativity.

Concerns for Meghan Markle’s Safety

Few critics of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are somehow associating Philip’s death with a certain interview that caused an explosion of revelations. According to them, Prince has been in a bad shape after listening to the interview. It is more concerning for Meghan because she would be the first target of paparazzi looking for the latest scoop.

Public is wishing that on this sad occaison when the British Royal family is greiving the death of a family member, the tabloids don’t make it about Meghan Markle and how she reacts on this eve.

British tabloids can spin up various reasons to target Meghan for getting views. They can pursue her for questioning about being the cause of Prince Philip’s death. And, it is widely known how British paparazzi pursue an artist. Once paparazzi has caused the death of Princess Diana in a road accident when she was trying to escape its persuasion.

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