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BBC Apologizes for Using Deception to Secure Princess Diana 1995 Interview

An independent report by Lord Dyson found out that BBC has covered up the deceptive tactics of journalist Martin Bashir in securing his famous Princess Diana 1995 interview. The giant media house apologized for failing in authentic journalism. Judge Dyson stated that BBC fell short of integrity and transparency which it prides itself on. A complete report about how Martin landed the interview has already been published. Now Panorama investigation will follow up soon.

How BBC Secured Princess Diana 1995 Interview?

The independent report found out that Bashir cheated Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer. He showed him forged bank documents to gain his trust so he could take him to Princess Diana. The report carried on with the character description of Martin Bashir.

It turned out that he lied to the BBC management about fake documents that he did not show to anyone. Moreover, it also described other instances in 1995 where Bashir had been unreliable and dishonest. Bashir apologized for faking the documents but stated that he was very proud of the interview.

The Big Scoop

Princess Diana 1995 interview served as a great story for BBC as it was the first time royalty had revealed so much about the British Royal Family life. The interview became huge and some of the lines became very famous like the one where Princess said “there were three of us in this marriage” referencing the extramarital affair of her husband Prince Charles with Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Deception could Have Been Avoided

BBC acknowledged that the process for securing the Princess Diana 1995 interview was wrong but it also maintained that Diana was on board to give the interview anyway. The media giant claimed that it has improved its procedures which would prevent such deception from happening again.

The Director-General of BBC said that if these procedures were present at that time, then the interview would have been conducted in a fair way. He admitted that BBC should have tried harder in investigating what exactly happened that day and why it was not transparent about its information.

Who is Martin Bashir?

Bashir, 58, was one of the most popular journalists in the UK. According to the reports, he left BBC last week due to ongoing health problems. The independent report was published after he quit. He is known for making headlines for many interviews including the one with Michael Jackson in 2003.  He has also worked for British free-to-air channel, ITV as well as many US TV channels.

The investigation into his interview, which is being delayed since last week, will now air at 19:00 BST on 20th May on BBC One. The media giant completely accepted the finding of Lord Dyson’s report and is ready to be held accountable.

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