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Top British Lawyers to Face Each Other Over Princess Haya Divorce Case

UK’s top divorce lawyers will go head to head with each other over what is believed to be the most expensive divorce case in British legal history. Princess Haya the soon to be ex-wife of Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai fled the country along with her children due to fear of being mistreated like one of the Princesses.

The Lawyer in Princess Haya Divorce Case

The 45-year-old Oxford-educated princess after escaping Dubai last year filed for a divorce. She has procured the services of Baroness Fiona Shackleton who helped the Prince of Wales procure a divorce settlement in 1996

Baroness is often referred to as Steel Magnolia and is well known for her fierce nature. She has also represented Sir Paul McCartney in his divorce hearing with Heather Mills and also works as the personal solicitor of Prince Harry and heir to the throne Prince William.

Lady Helen Ward QC to Represent Sheikh Of Dubai

Representing Sheikh Muhammad of Dubai is Lady Helen Ward QC, of Stewarts Law and is equally well-reputed. She is well known for her work ethic, intelligence, and commitment to work. According to some of her previous claims, at times she has worked seventeen to eighteen hours a day if required.

She represented people Bernie Ecclestone Andrew Lloyd Webber, Paloma Picasso, and Guy Ritchie respectively. The presence of top lawyers in the Princess Haya divorce case has made it a lot interesting.

The Princess Has Applied For a Non-Molestation Orders and Forced Marriage Order

After finding out about how poorly Sheikh of Dubai treated his daughter, the 45-year-old Jordanian princess fled Dubai and took asylum in London. Since then Princess Haya has remained on the down-low to prevent further controversies 

 After months of laying low for the first time, the princess was seen entering the royal court to file for a forced marriage protection order to prevent the extradition of her children from the UK due to the threat of forced marriage. She has filed for a Non-molestation order to protect her children from any molestation from any relative, ex or family member.

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