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Priti Patel Resignation Adds to Theresa May Worries

Theresa May might be heading towards another reshuffle after Priti Patel resignation.

Reason for Priti Patel Resignation

The reason behind Priti Patel resignation is her inability to remain transparent in her actions. She was the international development secretary managing country’s foreign aid budget. She admitted that she could not stay transparent.

No Big Changes Expected

Since Theresa May already has a fragile government, she would not risk making significant changes that would jeopardize her party’s rule. However, besides pro-Brexit views, they want someone replacing Priti Patel who views of maintaining favorable relations with the European Union. Therefore, after Priti Patel resignation, someone taking her place would probably be a Brexiteer or in favor of it.

Piti Patel’s Resignation Adds to Government’s Difficulties

She is only the second cabinet minister resigning in just a week’s time. Earlier, Sir Michael Fallon also resigned from his post as Defense Secretary. Given Williamson, who is close to the Prime Minister, replaced him.

What Next After Priti Patel Resignation?

Theresa May would like to make the Priti Patel resignation look like a low profile event. Similarly, since the country’s continuing with the hotly debated Brexit negotiations, she would want someone who would share her political views. There are many asking Theresa May to replace her with an MP who opted for Brexit. They believe that she needs to have someone in the team who has balanced or perhaps favorable views on getting Brexit through.

Family Holiday That Went Wrong

Priti Patel was on a family vacation when she asked her officials to see if her country could offer support to humanitarian operations by Israeli Army. She was talking about donations to an Army that has occupied the Golan Heights region.

However, her colleges at the Foreign Office asked her to reconsider her suggestion. They were of the view that there were better other alternates for UK’s Foreign Aid than Israeli Army. Furthermore, they told her that if she decided to go with aiding the Israeli Army, it would break the aid rules.

Priti Patel Resignation Adds to Theresa May WorriesMS Patel because of her mixing of private life with her professional duties, was reprimanded by PM’s Office. However, the British Government came to know about two of her other meetings with Israeli officials in September. Many criticized her for treating her job as a freelance opportunity when dealing with sensitive matters like foreign policy.

She is also held liable for breaching ministerial code. The government expects a lot higher standards of professionalism for secretaries of state.

PM’s Response to Priti Patel Resignation

Mrs. May stated that she understands the close relations between Israel and the UK. However, she believes that the two countries must engage and form more intimate ties. Furthermore, she added that she would like the engagement to be carried out formally.

So Why Is It Such A Big Deal?

There are many questions raised by critics on Priti Patel’s secret meetings with Israeli officials. These meetings without government’s knowledge could create all sorts of confusions. Besides, many would consider them as a possible way of influencing the British government’s decisions.

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