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Here Is Why Priyanka Chopra Didn’t Keep Her Husband’s Name on Social Media

Recently, the popular Bollywood and Hollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra changed her marital name on her social media accounts. The netizens noticed it and assumed that the Baywatch actor and Nick Jonas, the American singer were not going to be husband and wife anymore. Since the life of celebrities is not much private, people make assumptions about them based on what they see rather than the facts. Thus, many on Instagram and Twitter wondered why all of a sudden, she dropped the surname. 

Priyanka Chopra Fans Express Concerns

After the fans saw that the Twitter account of Priyanka Chorpa was going by the name PRIYANKA only and her Instagram profile name was also changed, they pictured a disturbing story behind it. Many started posting on social media about why the adorable couple was looking forward to going separate ways. Some found it sad and did not like the idea of seeing the couple go apart. 

Sooner, people realized that there is more to the story and her marriage isn’t ended yet. The fans started wondering whether there is something actually wrong or not. They posted queries on Insta and other social media platforms to confirm that the celebrities are not considering to untie the knot. 

Madhu Chopra Steps in to Clarify 

Priyanka’s mother wasn’t happy about all the fuss regarding the misunderstanding caused by her globally known daughter. As per reports, she was offended by the idea that people are judging way too much about the couple without even knowing why she changed the name on her profiles. While talking to a media person, she said that this was all rubbish and people should not spread rumors. 

But Why Did She Change It? 

As per reports, Priyanka Chopra changed her name for two reasons. The first one was the professionalism that apparently didn’t require Nick’s name attached to hers and she wanted to be recognized as Priyanka only. The second one is a bit astonishing since she changed it for astrological purposes. This means that fans shouldn’t worry about Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas wedding.  

Moreover, celebrities have a professional life that isn’t concerned about their private ones. However, both of the stars have been following a simple rule to keep love and romance intact in their life. A few months ago, Priyanka Chopra, during an interview, talked about her married life and how both she and Nick see each other every month for a couple of days. This was the one rule they made after getting married so that they can work and see each other as well.

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