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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra‏’s Detention Has Outraged Indians

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra got detained under section 144 in Uttar Pradesh while trying to meet the families and victims of shooting in Mirzapur. Her arrest has sparked outrage among Indians.

Priyanka Gandhi Detained For Protesting

A shooting incident left nine dead and seriously injured 19 on Wednesday after villagers in Ghorawal refused to vacate the land on the orders of the village head. Upon refusal, the village head had his henchmen opened fire on the villagers resulting in injuries and death of at least three women and six men.

What Does The Police Report State on This Matter?

According to the police report, the dispute occurred over a piece of land that an IAS officer had sold to the village head who wanted to reclaim it. After the villagers took arms and refused to vacate the village leader along with is Henchmen opened fire. So far the two nephews of the village head have been taken in custody in connection to the shooting. A door to door search is being conducted to find and arrest the remaining culprits. 

Priyanka Gandhi, the general sectary of congress who wanted to meet the families of those affected, was stopped from meeting them. Upon staging a peaceful protest along with her followers and refusing to leave, police, under section 144 arrested her; the said section prohibits an assembly of 5 people at one place to prevent rioting.

Reacting to Congress Politician’s Arrest

People took to social media to express their outrage upon Priyanka Gandhi’s arrest.

It is the right of every citizen of a country to whatever he or she wants as long as they abide by the rules and regulation of the country or don’t cause any defamation to the country. Therefore, arresting the general sectary on such stupid charges in Utter Pardesh is nonsense 

Congress politician Rahul Gandhi expressed his anger over the matter and indicated that the BJP government’s actions were a clear sign of how much insecure they were regarding UP.

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