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Are You Pro at Reading someone’s mind? Let’s Check

Do you know that reading someone’s mind is not a skill exclusively attributed to professional psychologists? You also don’t have to be an expert in telepathy to know what your opponent is thinking. The task doesn’t require knowledge about cognitive behavioral therapy and art of hypnotizing the people for peeking into their subconscious; it is a lot much simpler than this. Even an ordinary person can be expert in reading someone’s mind, without even knowing it.

The entire game is all about possessing “a unique set of communication skills.” If you have those skills, then you are inevitably pro at reading minds.

Let’s have a look at those attributes that can make you an expert in reading someone’s mind. Do read the point number 4.

1. Ability to Understand the Relative Nature of Truth

The world is facing scarcity of absolute truths. In simple words, your truth is a lie for someone. In the same manner, someone’s reality is a lie for you. This relative nature of differences makes it impossible for people to understand each other. Now, let’s have a more elaborate overview of the phenomenon. You must have come across the famous figure of the number 9, or 6 with two people standing on the opposite poles. Both these people argue with each other whether the value is 9 or 6. Now the question is who is wrong? And the answer is no one. Because both are looking at the picture from their respective sides; in this way, both are true in their conclusion. So, a very first step of reading someone’s mind is by seeing the things from their place.

2. Being a Good Listener

You are not pro at reading someone’s mind if you are too overpowering in a conversation. Such trait makes you talk too much about other things or yourself. In this way, your opponent wouldn’t be able to offer sufficient material that can provide you with an insight into reading his mind. Good listeners are in a position to access every bit of information. They let the second person reveal what he is going through. In this way, they connect the dots and make a conclusion about the potential thoughts a person can have in his mind.

Someone's Mind

3. You Look for Body Language for Reading Someone’s Mind

One of the easiest ways to tell whether a person is saying lie or speaking truth is by looking at his body language. If you are habitual of paying consideration to few signs, then reading someone’s mind is not such a tough task for you. Those symptoms usually include tone of voice, gestures like hand movements, blinking of eyes and confidence level of a person. Let me tell you that few people are expert in controlling their gestures. They offer such rigid face expressions that reaching their thoughts almost becomes impossible. In such cases, a right approach can be looking straight into the eyes of the opponent. If you are confident enough to stare into the eyes, then you are likely to make for a better mind reader.

4. You Critically Evaluate the Personalities

Evaluating the personalities doesn’t mean judging people on the basis of their appearance. You must have heard that looks can be deceiving. You can’t merely look at a well-dressed person, who has got a luxury car and conclude that person has got a millionaire’s mindset. Critical evaluation of personality means to conduct an in-depth analysis of the person. I have already mentioned in point 3 that you have to be a good listener. Possessing such attribute would make you figure out a conflict in your opponent’s personality.

So, if you don’t fall trap to appearance, then you are likely to be a good mind reader.

5. You Are So Careful with Use of Words

One crucial trick of reading minds is making sure that opponent is comfortable in your company. People are more likely to speak their minds before those who have an enjoyable presence. It is only possible if you don’t ask useless questions. Make sure you are asking the right question at the right time, by not sounding offensive. Knowing the art of saying useful things is necessary to ace the art of reading minds.

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