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Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

School uniforms give students a unique identity. The private and public schools have their uniforms. Most of the schools require the students to wear particular dress. There are arguments in favor and against wearing uniforms in the school.

Advantages of School Uniforms

Here are the pros of using school uniforms.

Simple to Enforce One Dress Code

One of the benefits of dress code is that educational institutes can quickly implement it. Everyone has to abide by the same kind of dressing. Therefore, there are no issues related to wearing an inappropriate dress.

Unity and Pride

The wearing of one dress unites the entire educational institute. Everyone feels the same kind of bonding with the Institute. It eliminates the otherwise visible level of income between the parents of the children. Thus students feel more confident around each other regardless of their financial circumstances.

School UniformsStudents Focus on Studies

Imagine an educational institute where students are just discussing their clothing. So, same school uniforms eliminate the need for discussion. The students can focus on their studies. They do not have to worry about things which are only a waste of time.

Parents Save Money

It is cost saving for the parents to buy school uniforms. However, it would become challenging for the parents to keep up with changing fashion trends. Imagine a child going to their parents every other week to buy new dresses to wear to school.

Disadvantage of School Uniforms

Here are the cons of using school uniforms.

Confined Self-Image of Students

The strict dress code limits the students to a particular identity. Therefore, they do not have the freedom to express themselves. Furthermore, clothing is considered an important of self-expression. However, children going to schools lack that freedom.

School Uniforms May Not Impact Overall Performance

The dress code does not necessarily have an impact on other things that matter. For example, dress code does not have a positive influence on academic performance. Similarly, by following a strict dressing, the children may not be able to perform well in the exams.

They Take Away Attention from Genuine Problems

A lot of the schools consider dress code as central to everything. However, it cannot take away attention from some real problems. For example, the effort by schools required to improve their teaching methods or need to revise the curriculum.

Discourages Diversity

The world is moving towards diversity. Children of today’s age want fun in their lives. The dress code gives them a monotonous routine that they need to follow. However, the students are only able to see diversity on a color day when they are allowed to wear something other than their uniforms.

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