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PSL 5 Anthem Is Released and Looks Good Only for Memes

The fifth season of Pakistan Super League is about to begin. Much anticipated PSL 5 anthem is out only to disappoint the fans. Despite the fact that legendary singers like Arif Lohar, Ali Azmat and Haroon collaborated with emerging young talent Asim Azhar, the song couldn’t succeed in making the mark. In fact, the only good entertainment it provided was related to those hilarious memes that described the audience’s reactions.

PSL 5 Anthem Fans’ Reactions

For the first three seasons, Ali Zafar sang the PSL song. In season 4, Fawad Khan sang the title song Khel Deewano Ka only to get bashed by the fans. Now, it seems that PSL has tried to up its game by taking rockstar Ali Azmat, Hai Jawan singer Haroon and Asim Azhar onboard only to get mocked by the listeners.

PSL 5 anthem merely seems a failed attempt to invoke passion among the fans through the use of loaded rhythmless music without any inspirational lyrics.

Tayyar Hain didn’t turn out to be what was expected by the fans.

This meme said it all.

This Moeen Akhtar expression from Loose Talk was a whole new mood.

They are not coming slow in their criticism.

They were just back with those Meray Paas Tum Ho memes to express their feelings after listening to this song.

And the song was also turning out to be a good meme material.

The collaboration of Arif Lohar, Ali Azmat, Haroon and even Asim Azhar collectively couldn’t bring the best PSL anthem.

Looking Forward to A Month of Entertainment Ahead

As per the PSL 2020 schedule, the fifth season of Pakistan Super League will start from February 2020 and end on March 22. While PSL 5 anthem has proven to be a disappointment hopes are high for the event which turns out to be more exciting every year. Now when the speculation around anthem has finally ended fans are waiting for the announcements regarding performances at PSL Opening ceremony.

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