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PSL 6 Anthem Hits Pakistanis Different than Expected

Pakistani cricket fans have been impatiently waiting for the start of Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 6, along with the excitement for this tournament’s anthem. For the past few years, some PSL anthems have been criticized for many reasons. This time it was supposed to be different as it included three different and opposite generations of Pakistan’s music. Yet, the public reacted by making hysterical memes on the content of PSL 6 anthem.

It seems that the public has never been satisfied with the theme songs of the Pakistan Super League. Even the PSL 5 anthem was also found good only for memes.

PSL 6 Anthem Produces Hilarious Memes

Nobody on the social media knew why everyone was complaining about PSL 6 anthem until they heard it themselves. Many peopled liked the song very much as it had over 50,000 likes in first 5 hours after it appeared on PSL’s YouTube channel. A popular opinion is that the new song broke the spirit of cricket and is not related to the game in any way. While those who oppose this opinion claim that it takes courage to do something like this; that disrupts the stereotypical themes of PSL anthems. However, those who were tired of new experiments and wanted the previous nature of anthems, blew off some storm on social media in shape of memes.

As diversity was the main theme of this song, one particular artist was giving off strange vibes to the viewers. Surprisingly, the legend of regional folk music Naseebo Lal is one in charge of vocals in the song along with Aima Baig and Young Stunners (Talhah Yunus, Talha Anjum). As soon as they saw Naseebo Lal in the song, all they thought about was this:

The widespread hate for the song might mean that some people cannot fathom how rapidly music has been diversifying in Pakistan. Every singer tries to bring unique style to their music to appease variety of listeners. This time anthem had a mixture of talent that perhaps only a keen music lover would love to hear. They were probably used to the archetypical nature of anthem, which is easy on the ears. This one might be too hard for most listeners to understand.

Funny Renditions Of Original Song

Meme makers also used their craft to make funny videos that further mocked the count of legendary folk singer for the first time in PSL 6 anthem. However, their hate or trolling cannot change the fact that Lal’s voice in the back of every video is entertaining as hell. Just like this one:

One came up with the ultimate famous song of Naseebo Lal mixed with the new one.

What Is The Song All About

According to PCB, the song reflects the harsh realities of COVID-19 in a funky way as most of the crowd will be watching the matches from home. The video of the song is hugely colorful than the previous ones, as fans criticized most of them for having dull picture and colors. The combination of three very different singers highlights the diverse spectrum of Pakistan’s music industry. The sensational singer, Aima Baig delivered classic pop vocals while Young Stunners backed it up with rap which they wrote themselves. To make the track really groove like its name, Legendary Naseebo Lal leads and ends with her powerful voice in regional folk music. Here is the original song:

PSL 6 anthem is directed by Fida Moin and produced by Xulfi. Apart from Young Stunner’s rap, Adnan Dhool created rest of the lyrics.

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