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PTA Slams Fine on Jazz for Poor Quality Services

PTA recently took notice of one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Pakistan, Jazz for not being able to provide quality services. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) imposed a 30m fine on Jazz for not complying with its deadline to improve the network. The company that took over Warid telecom and became a combined setup apparently failed to satisfy the users in terms of network and connectivity. Thus, PTA is digging more into the matter which puts Jazz in a pickle since it is required to work on its amenities. 

Fine On Jazz Upon Failure of Network in Seven Cities 

According to the Pakistan telecommunication authority, Jazz was unable to keep up with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in terms of providing network services. PTA inflicted a fine on Jazz due to its failure to maintain its services standards in seven cities. Previously, Jazz was warned by the authority to at least match or exceed the QoS regulations and parameters. PTA also advised the offender to consider the warning carefully or else it might get trapped into legal proceedings. 

Ignorance of Jazz lead it Fall into the 30m Fine Pit 

According to Maj. Gen. Amir Azeem Bajwa, PTA’s Chairman gave the final verdict against the telecom company. The base of the verdict was December 2020’s QoS survey which found out that the company was not holding up to the end of its bargains as it couldn’t offer the desired services to the customers. Before imposing the fine on Jazz, PTA gave it a month to fix the problems and underperformances but the firm couldn’t comply, reportedly. 

Termination on Its Way

Previously, Jazz was facing chaotic situations since reportedly its systems were offline for more than a week resulting in massive disruption for the customers. They were unable to utilize the basic facilities like paying bills, recharging, activating or changing packages, and Sim issues. All in all, it was a disaster in multiple cities for the users. As per reports, PTA might inflict another fine on Jazz, or worse, it might get its license terminated. PTA has been active in picking on telecommunication companies for duplicity of purposes. Last year, when the test results of 5G in Pakistan came out, it disallowed ZONG to commercialize its fastest internet trials. Though later, PTCL disclosed its successful outcomes and presented the plan to launch 5G in the country. As for Jazz, even 4G/3G wasn’t working properly along with other network services. Thus PTA took action against it by charging it with 30m.  

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