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PUBG New State Is Becoming the New Sensation for Gamers

The widely popular game PUBG released its new version on November 11. Surprisingly, one week was enough for PUBG New State to cross 10 million downloads. The game is basically the same but with the addition of certain new features; the why gamers are calling it futuristic. Despite several issues with no version, PUBG users have still seemed to like it.

The audience of online mobile gaming is enormous due to the handiness of easy-to-download and play videogames. Also, PUBG corp. is a giant that knows how to engage its targeted audience. Therefore, even after the criticism on the project as well as the ban, the company didn’t give up. Instead, it gave the famous battle royal game a new shape that seems to be charming for the admirers.

PUBG New State Features

PUBG has always been attractive for gamers due to many reasons. The most promising thing about it is its nature of being an open-world online setup that allows multiple players at a time to join the battle. The latest PUBG New State is just an upgraded version that is offering a set of new features in terms of graphics, arsenal, map, and vehicles. As per the gaming community which is fond of playing violent gun fighting videogames, the recently launched masterpiece has a futuristic environment in which the players will face each other with a set of freshly added gadgets. New State isn’t just upgraded with weapons and other essentials but the whole game is in the future.

The netizens who have knowledge of advanced gaming are seeing a trend in the futuristic setting of the new PUBG game. Just like the games including the Watchdogs Legion and Cyberpunk 2077 have similar settings, the New State has also grasped the idea of presenting mobile gamers a glimpse of the ultramodern environment.

Setbacks Didn’t Stop the Gamers from Downloading

The latest battle royale game had a global launch. It was released in 200 countries. However, the gamers who downloaded it from the google play store and iOS app store had to face a few glitches. According to the players, they faced issues like phones getting stuck after downloading the new version. The game gets jammed and overheats the devices as well.

Upon the complaints, Krafton stated that the PUBG New State was tested thoroughly for smartphones with specifications similar to the Samsung galaxy s7. Other than that, it is compatible with devices with a minimum of 2GB ram.

Why a Whole New Game?

A lot of people have been questioning why did Krafton introduce PUBG New State and didn’t just upgrade the previous one. The wonderments are because of the company’s announcement of PUBG Season 19 release date a few months back. But now, it released a whole new game for the PUBG fans.

The company probably wanted to regenerate the idea of PUBG in the gamers’ minds since the previous version was facing ban in different countries.

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