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Here is All About PUBG Season 19 Release Date And Other Aspects

PUBG season 19 release date might not be very far because of the ongoing 18th season, royal pass. The 3rd anniversary of the game is currently being celebrated with the RP season 18 matches. The good part of this information is that season 19 will begin as soon as the current tournament will end. The contest is bringing new rewards, some vast gearing-up options, and themes for the eager gamers.

What do we know about the PUBG season 19 release date?

The Royal pass season 18 began on March 15, 2021. Considering that every PUBG competition requires approximately 2 months to finish, players can expect it conclusion now. This means the PUBG season 19 release date might be May 17, 18, or 19. Soon, the game will announce the actual date for the big event.

Special In-game Rewards for The Players

PUBG season 19 release date is near and reports are revealing information that might excite the game enthusiasts. In season 19, the gamers will look forward to being entitled to the Conqueror Tier, which is the elitist category. Though, it is not easy to claim the reward as the players willing to win it, should cross the Ace tier. Despite that, three other conqueror tier rewards include conquer frame, title, and name tag.

Also, the players who will win 600 silver fragments, will win the gold tier reward. Seemingly, the silver tire winners of PUBG will attain 400 silver fragments. Lastly, the bronze tier reward that a player begins the game with as a free token to start battling.

Then comes the crown, diamond, and platinum tier rewards that will keep the players enthusiastic towards winning the final rounds.

However, the game hasn’t disclosed anything regarding the cash prize yet. Nonetheless, the gamers can expect it since previous competitions had huge prizes. Just like the recent PUBG tournament in Pakistan that offered a giant money bag as the winner’s reward.  

What’s New In The Tournament?

Every PUBG tournament offers new arrivals in terms of avatars, weapons, skins and so much more. That is one of the reasons why people are crazy about this mobile game. PUBG season 19 release date is just around the corner and of course, the gamers must be excited about so many things including the guns, paid accessories, and gears for the tournament. But the game is bringing a new theme. The Battle Royale season 19 theme will reportedly be Godzilla Vs Kong. Soon, the players can get access in 2 weeks.

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