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Get ready for PUBG Tournament in Pakistan and A Huge Money Bag

PUBG mobile is going to give gamers a chance of winning a huge cash prize. The imminent PUBG tournament in Pakistan is about to happen soon as it is inviting all the PUBG lovers to gather, play, and win money. PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) is one of the popular games on a global level. It comprises online battle zones and players who join to enjoy and test their strategic battle skills. Supposedly, now, the game is going to surprise as well as make players excited about the second edition tournament. 

Registration And Winning Prize for PUBG Tournament in Pakistan

The popular PUBG mobile has faced a lot of criticism and downfalls in Pakistan; a few months back, the government suspended PUBG due to several reasons. Now, the game has come back with a bang. The tournament has allegedly created a lot of hype among the gamers. Consequently, plenty of PUBG admirers have decided to participate in the tournament.

To register for the PUBG mobile Tournament, the players or interested gamers need to fill the form that is available on the PUBG Mobile website. The last date for registration is November 15, 2020. 

The most important thing about the PUBG tournament in Pakistan is prize money: 

  • Frist prize RS 800,000
  • Second Prize Rs250,000
  • Third Price Rs100,000

The story doesn’t end here because there is a total of 16 prize ranks, which means that the 16 best players will receive the money according to their performance in the game:

4th Rs80,000                  

5th Rs40,000

6th Rs40,000

7th Rs30,000

8th Rs30,000

9th Rs20,000 

10th Rs20,000

11th Rs15,000

12th Rs15,000

13th Rs15,000

14th Rs15,000

15th Rs15,000

16th Rs15,000

Matches, Teams, and Rounds

On November 16, 256 teams will participate in the first qualifier round that consists of 15 matches, which will be continued till November 22. To proceed towards the next phase, the teams will be required to win at least 10 out of 15 matches.  

On December 2nd, the players will continue with the second round that is called the playoff stage. In this round, the wide number of players will be sorted out into 16 teams, which will go on till December 6. Only 7 out of 16 will move forward with the victory to play the next round. 

Then comes the PUBG tournament twist that involves 10 teams with the highest kill score to compete with the qualified teams. Other than that, 6 professional teams will also take part in the competition to increase the excitement as well as the difficulty of the contest. 

Winning Stage 

The semi-final round will accommodate only 64 teams, which will be divided into 4 groups to play 20 matches. Out of those 64, 16 teams will be able to reach out to the prizes whereas, only 1 team will win the 1st prize in PUBG tournament in Pakistan. 

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