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Punjab Govt Maintains Basant Ban

There was a hope that Punjab Government will temporarily lift the ban it imposed on Basant. However, the CM of Punjab, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif refused to give approval for Basant 2017.

The common reason always associated with the Basant Ban is that it puts lives of the ordinary citizens in danger.

Rana Sanaullah, the Law Minister of Punjab also said that Government would not allow kite flying in Punjab, causing a threat to the human life.

Background of Basant Ban

About a decade ago, Basant was regularly celebrated each year in Punjab. However, in 2007 Punjab Government abruptly ended the Basant festival due to deaths caused by chemicalized twine. Among the affected were the motorcyclists who were more prone to injury and even death in some cases. The motorbike riders speeding through the narrow streets of Lahore’s Wall City could not see the kite twines. They were laced with glass and metal, causing sharp cuts to different parts of the body include the neck.

The Provincial Minister for School Education Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan said that his party would take consent from all other political parties before reaching a final decision on organizing the Basant festival. The Minister said that his party would make a decision in a fortnight after consultation with all political parties.

Basant Killings in 2007

In 2007, at least ten people got killed due to Basant, most of them were children. Sharp twine was not the only reason behind these Basant killings. Astray bullets were another cause behind these Basant related deaths. The Supreme Court of Pakistan had banned Basant back in 2005 after killings in Basant of 2004. However, the government lifted the Basant ban for 15 days in 2007. Unfortunately, all the measures by the government at that time proved insufficient and caused more deaths.

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