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Lawyers’ Protest Outside Punjab Institute of Cardiology Causes Deaths

A protest by lawyers outside Punjab Institute of Cardiology turned violent and reportedly caused the deaths of three patients.

What Caused Protest at Punjab Institute of Cardiology

According to reports a viral video that showed doctors at Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) misbehaving with a lawyer who was there for treatment of his mother. The doctors’ negligence caused had caused deterioration of patient’s health. Therefore, lawyers were there to protest against PIC’ s doctors.

After the incident the lawyers demanded the police arrest all the doctors involved

Punjab Bar Council lawyers descended onto the cardiology hospital where they beat the doctors and the medical staff present there. Then proceeded to vandalise the place and damaged the medical equipment.

Patients Reportedly Died As A Result of Protest

According to reports the clashes between lawyers and doctors resulted in deaths of patients who were either unattended or directly targeted. Lawyers have refused to take the responsibility of these deaths.

In any society lawyers are considered to be one of the most respectful and honorable professionals. They are referred to as the embodiment of justice and watchdogs of public interest. For them to act in such horrible manner is unacceptable.

The actions of the lawyers left many wondering what were they trying to achieve

Even War Hospitals Aren’t Attacked

According to international law under no circumstances are hospitals to be targeted or its medical staff be subjected to inhuman behaviour even during war time by the attacking army. To see the very people who are meant to uphold the supremacy of law act in such a shameful manner is an insult to democracy.

The Information Minister of Punjab Fiaz ul Hassan Chohan when he tried to mediate and address the lawyers issue was subjected to harsh treatment.

The government has launched a formal investigation to bring the culprits to justice.

Here is what other government officials had to say on this matter.

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