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Qatar Crisis Deadline Extended by Two Days

Saudi Arabia and other allies have given a new Qatar crisis deadline. The previous Qatar crisis deadline was ending on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017. The time limit came as a result of the request by Kuwait’s emir.

Qatar Crisis Deadline – Will Qatar Respond?

The first Qatar crisis deadline passed without a lot of response from the oil-rich country. Instead, the country’s Foreign Minister seemed defiant in bowing to the will of his Arab neighbors. The Minister said that the Qatar crisis could impact the GCC union between the countries.

Furthermore, the Foreign Minister said that GCC was formed to protect the country against the external threats. However, the threats as per the Qatari Foreign Minister were originating from within the GCC union instead of the outside.

Qatar Crisis and Other Demands to Meet

Qatar crisis deadline comes with many demands. Qatar must respond to these demands before the expiry of the deadline. Otherwise, it may jeopardize the whole process.

  • The country needs to ensure that it does not have any relations with Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Qatar must not naturalize the citizens of the four countries boycotting with it. This step apparently aims to reduce the alleged meddling of Qatar into these four Arab countries internal affairs.
  • To hand over the suspects of terrorism as demanded by these four Arab countries.
  • Stop financial support of terrorist groups considered terrorists by the United States.
  • Provide complete detail about the opposition figures opposing the government in Saudi Arabia. This list of individuals includes the ones to whom Qatar gave funds in the past.
  • To prioritize its policies in alignment with that of the GCC politically, economically, and in any other manner.
  • Do not provide funds to news organizations including Al Jazeera, Arabi21, and Middle East Eye.
  • Pay an amount in compensation. The amount still needs to be ascertained.

Qatar crisis deadline puts the country in an awkward position. It is premature to say that Qatar will be able to meet the demands by the four Arab countries. However, some political analysts point to possible sanctions against it.

Potential Impact of Qatar Crisis on GCC

Some political analysts also believe that Qatar’s challenging of the GCC can put it in a dangerous position. The other Arab countries may decide to expel Qatar from the GCC organization. The other Arab nations may ask the outside world to choose to trade with them or with Qatar.

Qatar Crisis Deadline Extended by Two DaysQatar has largely remained independent regarding formulating its foreign policy decisions. The US has a large military presence and a highly active airbase inside Qatar. Therefore, United States Secretary of State is trying his utmost to solve the problem. Qatar is already feeling the pressure from the other Arab countries. It has a major land route with Saudi Arabia from where it receives most of its food supplies. Qatar’s Sock Exchange saw a dip of 2.31 percent on Sunday.

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