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Rumors of Queen Elizabeth’s Death Surge on Social Media

The world was taken by surprise when rumors regarding the death of Queen Elizabeth the second surged through social media. These rumors later turned out to be false.


Queen Elizabeth Will Not Like This

The horrible fiasco began when a WhatsApp post from a user named Gibbo emerged on twitter telling one of his friends that Queen Elizabeth of England has allegedly died of a heart attack, and within a few minutes, the news will be made official. After that, the internet flared up in condolences but soon realized the new was fake and started bashing Gibbo.

She Is Alive

The editor chief of royal central, an online news site that documents almost every move of all the monarchies of the world, refuted the claims and assured the general public that her majesty would continue with her royal duties as planned.

To protect the royal family from any kind of negative media publicity strict laws have been introduced. The fines and punishments vary and are implicated according to the degree of violation. In some cases, the publication licenses of news organizations have been canceled. Gibbo should be expecting a visit from the police soon.


Protocols That Are Followed When A Queen Dies

According to veteran and retired royal guards, in case the queen dies specific protocols that must be followed. The first, according to these protocols, is to inform the members of the royal family. After that, preparation for the coronation of the next in line begins, and the funeral arrangements also start. The public is informed through a combination of old and new methods, which include national broadcasts on the radio and TV. All websites directly affiliated with the royal family change color to black and white display.

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