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Police Arrested Yemeni National for Performing Umrah on Behalf of Queen Elizabeth II

The 96 years old Queen Elizabeth II left the world in grief on September 8. People around the globe shared their sentiments and sorrows about her demise. However, a Yemeni man recently became the centre of attention as police arrested him for performing the Umrah pilgrimage on behalf of the queen. As per reports, he broke the rules and regulations of Umrah as he was doing it for a non-Muslim entity.

Late Queen Elizabeth II Gets Yemeni Into Trouble 

Reportedly a man from Yemen was trying to perform Umrah on behalf of the late queen of the United Kingdom. The man travelled from Yemen to mecca to honour the deceased, but his final goal didn’t go as planned. The police got to him and took him in custody for performing the pilgrimage on behalf of a non-Muslim. Other than that, he posted his video on the internet, which can be seen holding a banner with a message about Queen Elizabeth II written on it. According to the Saudi police, it was against the Umrah rules.

Angry Netizens Demanded Arrest

The video of the Yemeni national went viral on social media. On September 13, people started condemning him and demanded immediate action against him.

The banner had written prayer for the queen “Umrah for the soul of Queen Elizabeth II, we ask God to accept her in heaven and among the righteous” The police stated that Umrah does not apply to non-Muslims and the deceased did not belong to the Muslim community. The guy was later referred to the prosecutor, and legal action was taken against him for bringing a poster inside Mecca’s Grand Mosque and breaking the regulations of the holy practice.

Queen Elizabeth’s Linkage With Islam

The demise of Queen Elizabeth II resulted in so many diverse grievance activities around the globe. When news about Queen’s health surfaced on the internet, people expressed their concerns in different ways. However, her death turned out to be an actual disaster for those who deeply admired her.

The recent event in Mecca concerning the Yemen national’s attempt to perform Umrah on Behalf of the Queen raised certain questions. They are particular about the origin of the deceased ruler of the UK. As per reports, she had a linkage with Islam. A Moroccan newspaper had claimed that the Queen belonged to the bloodline of Prophet Muhammad. Historians also contributed to the debate and concluded that Elizabeth II’s heritage could be traced back 43 generations to the Holy Prophet.

Regardless of what might be the truth behind Queen’s Islamic origin, the Yemeni has to go through the legal process for breaching the rules of the sacred place of Muslims.

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