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Concerning News about Queen’s Health – What’s Next for UK?

The Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth realms, Elizabeth II, has been put under medical supervision due to health concerns. Her doctors suggested to put her under observation after morning evaluation.

The 96-year-old Monarch was seen standing on her feet on September 6 for the appointment of new Prime Minister Liz Truss. However, she was pulled out of the virtual Privy Council on September 7 due to difficulties with mobility and the doctors advised her to rest.

The statement from the Buckingham Palace said that the Queen was “comfortable” at her Scottish home, Balmoral Castle, where she has been residing since July. This year, she also appointed the new PM at Balmoral otherwise for the past 70 years, the London’s Buckingham Palace was the usual place for that.

The news has devastated the entire country, which is wishing for her speedy recovery.

The UK Prays for Queen’s Health

Thousands of British citizens and officials have reacted to the news with shock and grief. Newly appointmented Prime Minister Liz Truss along with labour party leader Keir Starmer shared thier thoughts and prayers with the queen and her family.

Other officials who reacted to the news include Tony Blair, David Cameron, Mark Drakeford, Nicola Sturgeon, and Lindsay Hoyle. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby prayed that may God strengthen and comfort Her Majesty.

Is Operation London Bridge in Order?

According to the reports, the royal family members have rushed to Balmoral to visit the queen, which has raised further suspicions about the nature of Queen’s condition. There were also reports about Harry and Meghan Markle going to the Balmoral, adding to the speculations. Moreover, many have noted that British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has also turned its header black on its website and its TV anchors have worn black suits during the live telecast of Queen’s health.

BBC is the national news channel of England and it’s usually a bad news when they support black color instead of its official color red. The channel has also stopped its regular programming following the Queen’s health news. Many speculated whether it was time for operation London Bridge.

What Happens if Its True

Operation London Bridge is the code name given to a weeks-long plan in place for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. It includes the announcement of her death, official mourning period, and the state funeral. She made some of the decisions about this plan herself while her successor Prince Charles can also make some of his own after her death.

Operation Spring Tide is another plan that runs at the same time with Operation London Bridge. It will see the ascension of Prince Charles to the throne. The phrase “London Bridge is Down” will be used by the concerned authorities to communicate the monarch’s death around the world. It wil not be random social accounts spreading rumors about the Queen’ death just like last time in 2019.

However, England hopes that it doesn’t come to that and its beloved queen comes back soon to perform her duties with same commitment and valor.

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