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What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

It is not an easy decision to stop smoking. When you decide to quit it, it has its side effects. The smoking withdrawal symptoms include dizziness, headache, fatigue, hunger, cravings, and cough. However, it does not mean that you should not try to stop smoking.

All these symptoms indicate that your body is trying to recover from the ill effects of this terrible habit.

Side Effects of Smoking

Tobacco smoke is not good for you. No matter what safe method you try, it will still destroy your health. Some people try to minimize the impact by using a cigar, hookah, or pipe. There are 600 dangerous ingredients in cigarettes burning over 7,000 chemicals. The American Lung Association states that there are around 69 chemicals in cigarettes causing cancer. No matter what are your causes of smoking, they will ultimately be harmful to you.

Reasons to Stop Smoking

Here are some of the reasons you must not smoke.

Stop SmokingDifficulty in Performing Simple Tasks

Smokers often complain of the fatigue and inability to perform easy tasks. Something simple as climbing the stairs or not able to enjoy sports activities are examples of the side effects. Even sports persons who smoke get impacted by this nasty habit.

Reduced Immunity of the Body

Cigarette and tobacco lovers have a weakened immune system. They are prone to get sick due to the harmful and disease causing viruses. Smokers’ immune system finds it hard to activate the built-in system to fight against diseases.

Pose Danger to Others’ Health

Among significant smoking side effects, you are also posing a threat to the health of the people around you. Imagine the damage the secondhand smoke can do to other people. These people may also include your children, spouse, and friends.

Premature Aging and Smoking Diseases

The habit to smoke cigarettes can also lead to premature aging. There have terrible impacts of smoke on their skin. The natural fresh look of the skin gets replaced with wrinkles. These changes occur due to the biochemical reactions in the body because of cigarette smoke.  

Bad Smelling Mouth and Clothes

When you smoke a cigarette, your mouth and clothes have that repelling smell. It is hard to socialize with people who do not smoke on a regular basis. Thus, it may have social implications for people to mix with the non-smokers.

A Reduced Sense of Taste and Smell

Anyone who smokes has its impact on their sense of taste and smell. It severely reduces their ability to smell. Therefore, the smokers are also not able to appreciate the good smells around them. The breathing in hot smoke is detrimental to their senses of taste and smell.

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