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A New Chinese Radar May be Able to Detect Stealth Fighters

China has reportedly developed a long-range radar system that may possess the capability to detect fifth-generation stealth fighter.

Hence, it is forcing technology experts to wonder if one of the best fighters jets like the f-22 raptor and fu-35 have become obsolete.

 Congress Not Happy With Stealth Fighter

For years the Congress and many aviation experts have questioned whether the stealth fighter the USAF and other branches of the armed forces have been purchasing are worth the price of admission. Their high maintenance cost, smaller payload capacity and flight time as compared to other non-stealthy planes has cast multiple doubt on the performance of these planes.

Now rumors suggest that the missile system or radar system developed by some countries like Russians S-400 missile system and China’s new beyond visual range radar system may be able to detect or even target these planes effectively.

How Does The New Radar System Works

The new beyond visual range radar system works by emitting high-frequency electromagnetic waves with long wavelengths and wide beams, which travel along the surface of the sea . Hence allowing the detection of all stealth or non-stealth assets which are sea or airborne before coming into visual range, said Liu Yongtan, the team leader of the group of engineers that invented the new radar system.

China has named the new radar as its first line of defense and has already heavily invested in the radar system as it will prevent any sneak attack on it by stealth fighter. Different countries in Asia are in a kind of a rat race to acquire the top of the line stealth technology fighters further boosting the demand of anti-stealth technology to break the competitive edge the other country may have.

Western experts view on the matter

According to Western experts, the technology incorporated in the radar system is not new, but it is rather old. They argue that such radar technology may be to detect the stealth planes as they are designed to be less detectable to short wave radar but surely will not be the end of them as these systems are greatly flawed.

For starters, their large size makes them easy to detect and hence make it a sitting duck when attacked. Even if the system manages to detect the stealth plane, the probability for the system to queue a missile on it is too small.

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