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Rain in Lahore Heats Up Political Climate in Pakistan

Rain in Lahore has cooled down the weather but it has fueled up already heated political debate in the country.

Incessant rain in Lahore which has been reportedly recorded to be 280 mm has broken the past records and brought the life to a standstill. The rain that has created natural swimming pools across the length and breadth of Lahore, has heated up the politically charged climate.

It has seriously affected some places like Mall Road near GPO Chowk and made the Lahore Fort wall to collapse, reportedly.

Political Parties Arguing Over Rain in Lahore

Excessive rain in Lahore is indeed proving a natural calamity for the residents of the city and adding to the long list of political disasters of PML-N, the political party that ruled Punjab for last 10 years.

Social media users in general and PTI supporters, in particular, shared the flooded streets of Lahore and mocked the PMLN’s claims of turning the capital of Punjab into Paris. They opined that Rain had turned Lahore into Venice instead of Paris.

Well, the supporters of the PML-N have to say that flooding in Lahore was a direct cause of record-breaking rain and it had nothing to do with the poor sewage system in the city. They also came up with examples from the developed cities like London and Paris that despite state of the art sewage system cant help the natural disasters like flooding.

Social Media Trolls

Even non-political social media users came up with hilarious trolls in the situations.

Here is the video that proves rain and football to be trending topics on social media.

And, this titanic meme was indeed epic.

And, they were comparing water falling in the 40 feet wide hole in the mall road to Niagra Falls.

Funny Reporting on Rain

Apart from social media brigade, news channel reporters also came up with some hilarious ideas to report on the rain. Like, one reporter from a private news channel in Pakistan used the kids’ pool to sit on a flooded road and suggested viewers a way to enjoy the rain. His funny news report on rain instantly went viral.

And viewers said it to be one of the best ever reporting on the rain.

Rain in Lahore gave Pakistani social media some new thing to talk about other than politics and FIFA World Cup. But, politics still remained a center of discussions, as supporters of various political parties tried to turn the situation in their favor.

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