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Are Rajini Chandy Photos Sexy or Inspiration For Older Women?

Rajini Chandy is an Indian actress who was also a part of a popular Indian reality show, BigBoss season 2. The famous Chandy’s bold photos recently became viral on social media. In her photographs, she can be seen wearing western outfits including a skirt, denim jeans, and a jacket. Many people trolled her for the sexy and bold photoshoot supposedly because of her age. However, several praised her for sending out a positive message for the people everyone considers old. 

What inspired Rajini Chandy to break the cultural stereotypes?

Rajini Chandy is a talented actress who has always been admired for her brashness and confidence aside from her acting skills. Reportedly, the new icon for aged people, addressed the world to show the aged people that there is still much left to enjoy other than being a nanny to grandchildren.  desires. In her view, when people reach a certain age, they stop chasing after their dreams and desires due to the thought of being judged by society. The responsibilities trap them and they become bound to live a life according to the stereotypes created by the culture. Chandy also advised older beings to stop stressing over what others might think and do what they want. 

Also, the young 29-year-old photographer, Athira Joy saw through the bold nature of Rajini and encouraged her for the photoshoot. As per Joy, her new ager model was way too different than the rest of her age companions. She was even different from Joy’s mother. According to the photographer, most people at this age have health issues or they stop living up to their potential. However, Rajini Chandy is a person with the courage to stop being bothered by the unheard judgments and do what she wishes to do.  

Is She Breaking The Taboos Of Society? 

The boldness of the 69-year-old star aspired to ignite a flame among the aged peers to deliver a message. She supposedly proved that age is but just a number, just like that 73 years old Chinese pole dancer who shocked the world with her talent. Usually, in the world men and women after 5 or 6 decades, stop doing what excites them. They take a step either towards bed rest or other burdens of life including the responsibilities of their children. They become restricted due to social and cultural pressure since many conservative societies take away the leverage of doing fashion and even thinking of fulfilling one’s desires. However, reportedly, it seems like the 69 years old model found a loophole to the society’s programmed norms and values by revealing her courageous side to the world. 

Bollywood’s Contribution In Maintaining Orthodox 

The entertainment industry is something that people take encouragement from, they even learn from the actors and their behavior. In India, the Bollywood industry has always faced criticism for reinforcing the stereotypical gender and age roles, as there are hardly any films where women are shown doing something different apart from the roles that society has set for them. While there are movies in Indian film industries that have shown women in lead roles, the depiction of older women is still confined to the set norms.

The actresses are bound to fall for the orthodox portraying that old women aren’t supposed to take lead in movies whereas, aged male stars can work with younger actresses. For instance, one can witness that the Bollywood movies, one latest example of which is Housefull 4, face criticism for difference between the male and female.

One mentionable movie from Bollywood that showed an older woman’s role as someone who doesn’t shy away from expressing her desires is the lipstick under my burkha. However, this film too faced several legal and cultural issues before and after its release.

Rajini Chandy’s photo might seem too sexy for some people, but they indeed are inspiration for the older women who never let go the desire to live the life at their fullest.

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