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Rakhi Sawant Is Taking Me Too to She Too, Seriously?

Rakhi Sawant is known because of her scandals and the loose talk she always does in front of media to give entertainment to viewers, at any cost. On one hand, she seemed slamming Tanushree Dutta for her allegations against Nana Patekar, yet on the other hand, Rakhi herself has accused Tanushree Dutta of being a Lesbian rapist!

Rakhi Sawant’s Press Conference

In the press conference, Rakhi Sawant seemed in a pink saree with her head covered as a pure innocent girl. Media coverage was given to her properly, and she accused Tanushree of being a lesbian in reality!


Rakhi’s Allegations

Following were the allegations enforced on Tanushree Dutta by Rakhi Sawant,

  • She said that Tanushree is a Lesbian.
  • Tanushree was a drug addict and forced Rakhi to become like her.
  • She said that Tanushree is a man internally!
  • Rakhi was Tanushree’s bff though she got raped by Tanushree 10 years ago.
  • Rakhi said to everyone that if they believe in Tanushree’s allegation they should accept homosexual harassment exists and she was raped several times!

Public Opinion

Well, there is a freedom of expression on social media as well and many people supported Rakhi for being the one to start the Homosexual harassment storytelling, bravely. These people raised a point that if Nana Patekar was a criminal, Tanushree could also be the one!


People also used their logical thoughts and raised the reason behind this press conference. These people use their words on social media to tell others, what actually Rakhi Sawant a.k.a Satti Savitree of Bollywood was trying to do here!


Many were shocked that how media is supporting her and why o why are they giving so much coverage!

There is not much to say and accuse about as this is an important movement of #shetoo but it could only get implemented on those who are actually victims of homosexual abuse! When Tanushree filed 10 crore Defamation Case against Rakhi Sawan. Rakhi replied with this press conference and filing of a rape case against Tanushree Dutta and asking 50 crores!

To sum up all this I would like to forward the victim’s message to all girls out there for their protection!

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