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Netizens Criticize Raksha Bandhan for Being a Rip-off of Load Wedding

The trailer of Akshay Kumar’s Bollywood movie Raksha Bandhan started to get criticized and trolled as soon as it appeared on social media. Netizens believe the upcoming Indian film’s plot is similar to the 2019’s Pakistani film Load Wedding. Other than that, the social media users have heavily trolled the teaser of the Bollywood film for not being entertaining enough to excite them. People share and compare the trailers of both movies on social media platforms. Some claim that the film is a mirrored version of another Indian movie.

Plots of Raksha Bandhan and Load Wedding

As per the trailer of Raksha Bandhan, Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar, the film’s protagonists, want to get married, but the hero’s sisters are in their way. The responsibility of getting them married first becomes the hurdle in the love marriage of the actors. The Indian culture that represents the ideology that “sisters are to get married before their brothers” is depicted in the film. Following that, Kumar is to fulfil his duty before he can think of marrying the love of his life. But, his sisters show him no signs of being mature enough to get married. Thus, the love birds have to suffer. Overall, the film seems to be humoristic and funny.

Load Wedding also has a similar storyline. The hero Fahad Mustafa and heroine Mehwish Hayat are portrayed as lovers in the film. Fahad is eager to marry her, but it’s hard for him to do that since his elder sister is unmarried and his mother wants the sister to settle first. The film’s genre is a comedy, and the events mingle in a way that they can make the public laugh big time.

Also, getting older siblings married, especially girls, is a part of Pakistani culture. The very thing makes both films similar. This is the reason why the stories of both movies seem to be alike.

Public Reactions

Many on social media did not like the approach of Indians copying a Pakistani movie. They found Raksha Bandhan entirely plagiarized. The journalist Mahwish Ajaz tweeted that the Bollywood film is likely borrowed from Pakistani film director Nabeel Qureshi’s movie. She also said that this isn’t the first time that India stole a plot of his films. According to the interpretation of her tweet, the Indian movie ‘Batti Gul Meter Chalu’ is also copied from Lollywood’s ‘Actor in Law’.                

Other than that, people have trolled Raksha Bandhan big time. They made fun of how Indian directors have been stealing the work of Lollywood directors and other talented people. Recently, Pakistani singer Abrar Ul Haq vowed to sue Karan Johar, the Bollywood director, for using his Nach Punjaban song in the imminent movie Jugjugg Jeeyo. The Netizens are referring to the tussle between Haq and Johar to troll Indian’s stealing habit.

It is Copied from Another Indian Film

Several people have claimed Raksha Bandhan to be a stolen plot. However, they were not only referring to Load Wedding. According to them, the upcoming Akshay Kumar movie is another rendition of the Kathi Kantha Rao. The Telugu comedy film was released in 2010.

Some people claim that Load Wedding is itself a clone version of Kathi Kantha Rao since it was released in 2019, even before Raksha Bandhan.

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