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Ram Rahim Gets 20 Years in Jail Over Rape

The so-called spiritual leader in India gets 20 years’ jail time in rape cases. The court gives the verdict for a crime that he committed back in 2002. Unfortunately, the women who suffered at the hand of Ram Rahim are two of his disciplines.

Justice Jagdeep Singh’s Verdict on Ram Rahim

Justice Jagdeep was flown from Rohtak in a helicopter to deliver the verdict. He is the same judge who convicted Rahim back on Friday. The judge gave both sides 10 minutes to present their side of the argument.

The lawyer defending Ram Rahim pleaded the judge to give a lenient decision. The defending counsel argued that the spiritual guru is in bad health. Furthermore, he added that the court must consider the social work done by him.

Elaborate Security Arrangements Outside Court

A large following of the guru made it challenging for the law enforcement agencies to secure the mail premises. The Rohtak District Jail now has a multi-layer security arrangement. Similar arrangements of security have been made to avoid any untoward incident in Haryana as well as Punjab. The government has imposed a curfew in India’s Moga district.

There is a shoot at sight order by police to secure the jail. The measures as per the IG Police of Rohtak are made to ensure no crowd gathers around the Rohtak jail.

The Panchkula Tragedies

The situation in Panchkula where Ram Rahim was convicted got out of control. Police and law enforcement agencies had a massive clash with the crowd, resulting in 38 people losing their lives and injuring 200 others.

Anonymous Letter to Atal Bihari Vajpayee

The case came to public knowledge back in 2002 when a woman wrote to then Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In her letter, the victim claimed that Ram Rahim had repeatedly raped her. It was then when the inquiry was initiated against him.

Who Will Replace Ram Rahim?

Ram Rahim will remain away from his followers for the next 20 years. He has a social group with the name of Dera Sacha Sauda. There are no confirmed reports about the total number of people who follow Ram Rahim but they are in millions. Therefore, the spiritual leader would never want his legacy and years of hard work go to waste.

Furthermore, the Baba has got two daughters and a son; all three are married. However, they are not the strongest claimants to his legacy. Reports suggest that a woman who can be seen with the Baba in different pictures will probably take over his legacy.

She is the adopted daughter of the Baba who goes with the name Honeypreet Insan. Therefore, she is closest to the Baba among all his children. The daughter accompanied the Baba to the court hearing, make her closeness with her father more evident.

Ram Rahim Gets 20 Years in Jail Over RapeHe came into the international spotlight with the violence ensuing after the verdict. If you think you missed his online presence, check out his Twitter. Ram Rahim has over 3.74 million followers on his Twitter account. Furthermore, he also ran a successful brand with the name of MSG. MSG became so big that it would rival some of the biggest FMCG brands in the market. Therefore, the other children will reportedly sell the MSG products to keep the brand alive and kicking.

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