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Muslims Welcome Ramadan 2021 with Memes

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), there is a possibility of the new moon sighting tonight on 13th April 2021. Muslims all over the world observe 30 days of fasting during this month along with some other religious duties. Although the majority of Muslims have respect for this month, they shared light memes on Ramadan 2021 to spread some joy amidst the devastating pandemic.

Interestingly, some non-Muslims have also responded with friendly greetings despite the chaotic situation of international relationships, social justice, equality, tolerance, and religion. UK’s leader of the opposition, the Labor party has thanked the Muslims for their contributions in Islington North, England.

There were many similar posts where non-Muslims recognized the importance of Ramadan for its observers.

Ramadan 2021 Coinciding with Non-Muslim Festival

Multiple social media users shared the idea of having an inclusive celebration of Ramadan regardless of religion. This year both Muslim Punjabis and Non-Muslim Punjabis have something special to celebrate. Baisakhi and Ramadan are starting almost on the same day. While one is a religious month and the other has roots in regional culture and traditions. Baisakhi is also celebrated on 13th April, which is the beginning of the wheat harvest season. It is celebrated with greater zeal among Sikhs in Indian Punjab.

Sikh farmers are going through a very troublesome time because of new Indian laws that aim to corporatize farming. This gesture by Muslims implied that they respect the cause of their Sikh brothers and wish them to get out of this predicament with a win.

Struggles of the Fasting Month

As always, Ramadan 2021 memes were bound to highlight some struggles of Muslims as well. These struggles are not only limited to stop drinking or eating for a day. Due to fasting Muslims have to follow a set of restrictions like the Prophets. People often violate these Islamic restrictions (intentionally or unintentionally) on normal days but get extra careful during the month of Ramadan.

The memes also worked as messages for pervert men to control their gaze and intentions regarding a woman, who is a highly respectable being according to Islam. Here are some more memes about the struggles of Muslims during Ramadan.

People Excusing Their Way out of Impending Chores

Some made fun of those people who are used to making lame excuses to delay something assigned to them by parents, work, or spouse. As per popular opinion, they usually take advantage of Ramadan to avoid doing any kind of effort.

Suspension of Sin for a Month

Another popular opinion about Ramadan involves those Muslims who do not follow a religious way of life. Here is a meme on those individuals, who conveniently become religious for one month and then carry on with their sins for the rest of the year.


Explanation is Difficult

Those Muslims that are particularly working in the West often have to explain to their coworkers why they are not eating or drinking during the day. It usually takes up a lot of speaking effort and time to explain what fasting is all about.

Non-Muslims who have little or no idea about Ramadan can feel shocked after learning that a person is working on an empty stomach and at risk of dehydration. They bring up various concerns about the controversial theory of Ramadan affecting metabolism negatively. Recent studies have asserted that the schedule of Ramadan fasting can help reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome in those who are already suffering from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

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