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Here is Ramadan Calendar 2022 for Major Cities of Pakistan

The search for Ramadan Calendar 2022 has started in the excitement of the fasting season. The blessed month of Ramadan is less than a week away, and Muslims all over the world are preparing to welcome it with zeal. As most restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have been eased worldwide, many would be returning to communal prayers and grand iftar parties. For the last two years, Muslims have been unable to do these things because of rising cases and strict government rules. Muslims in Pakistan have also been awaiting the Ramadan 2022 countdown so they can enjoy the month in full swing.

Ramadan will reportedly begin on 2nd April 2022 and last till 1st May 2022. However, one must always expect such predictions to change given the conflicting forecasting methods in Pakistan. Anyway, we will make sure to update the calendar regularly as a service to our readers. 

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Prediction for Pakistan Cities

The Ramadan Calendar 2022 is usually never final until the month starts. These are just predictions to give an idea about the Sehr and Iftar timings in different cities according to Fiqah Hanfia and Fiqah Jafria. The Sehr and Iftar timings are different in each city because of the cycle of the moon. The Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles and each month begins with the sighting of the first crescent of the new moon. Since the new moon cannot be in a similar state everywhere at once, Ramadan timings depend on what kind of lunar sightings each location is receiving. However, the difference is only minor. In cities, there can be a few minutes difference whereas, in another country, the maximum difference could be 24 hours.

Here are the predicted timings for the cities of Pakistan.

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