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Ramiz Raja is Confused If People Have Lost Interest in Cricket

The cricket series between Pakistan and New Zealand is underway in the United Arab Emirates. On November 7, 2018, teams played the first ODI of series but it seems that ground lacked the audience that could have boosted the spirit of players and helped them display a vibrant game. Veteran Pakistani commentator and ex-cricketer Ramiz Raja highlighted this fact in a tweet and talked about his confusion on this matter.

Ramiz Raja on Lack of Spectators in U.A.E Cricket Stadia

Let’s have a look at what Pakistani cricketer had to say on bleak situation U.A.E cricket stadia.

Apparently, in Tweet Ramiz is asking the reasons behind empty stands. He is talking about the absence of fans from the scenes of one of the most thrilling sports in the world.

He goes on to question if people are not coming to watch the game for they have lost their interest, or they are too much occupied by the lives that they don’t have enough time to watch.

It is not sure whether Ramiz Raja particularly referred to ongoing cricket series between Pakistan and Newzealand or talked about the situation in general.

At times, no one is more treacherous than the Pakistan cricket team but this doesn’t mean that the team is not capable of putting a good show.

Twitterati’s Response to Ramiz’s Confusion

Pakistani commentator’s confusion didn’t leave many people scratching their heads. In fact, they readily had an answer to it. For many, the stands were empty because matches were taking place in the United Arab Emirates. While there is no doubt that a number of Pakistanis live in U.A.E they are all busy in earning livelihoods; hence it was not possible for them to take time out and make their way to cricket grounds for watching the game.

It might not be possible for them to always be there.

According to Mazhar Arshad fans might be waiting for Pakistan Super League (PSL).

They also pointed out towards India where matches took place in the home country and 50,000 to 60,000 cricket fans made their way to the stadium.

Has Enthusiasm for Cricket Really Ended?

The prediction that fans, particularly Pakistanis, have become less enthusiastic towards cricket seems baseless. The reason is that Pakistanis have consecutively won eleventh T-20 series and have proven unbeatable in this format. So, fans are happy at the prospect of seeing their team performing well at least in one format. Further, it is because of three consecutive seasons of Pakistan Super League that have revitalized the spirit of cricket among Pakistanis. PSL play-offs taking place in Pakistan also witnessed a huge number of fans storming to the stadium.

Ramiz Raja highlighting of the fact that stands in U.A.E cricket stadia are not filled with spectators can be attributed to the busy lifestyle of Pakistanis in Emirates and also because they might be looking forward to PSL 4.

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