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Memes Say It All About Ramos Messi Rivalry

Paris-Saint Germain added Lionel Messi as well to its already star-studded squad. Just a month ago, the Parisian giant secured Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos. Both players have enjoyed a fierce rivalry in Spain for 16 years while playing for their respective clubs. Ramos Messi rivalry in El-Classico went so intense sometimes that the defender was sent off two times for fouling Messi. Leo on the other hand has also been hostile towards Ramos sometimes. Nonetheless, respect was somehow alive between the two despite what went wrong on the pitch. Excited, shocked, and furious football fans have been flooding the social media with memes since Messi agreed to join PSG.

How Ramos Messi Meeting at Paris will Go

The first thing that came to the supporter’s mind was how these two superstars will greet each other. They shared hundreds of memes to depict what can transpire between the defender and the striker. Some wondered if they’d hug it out and others fantasized about violence. Assuming from their Madrid vs Barca clashes, they joked about them yelling and bickering at each other.

Will They Still Play Against Each Other?

They share the highest record of most El-Classico appearances for their teams (45). Many were worried if the duo would continue to play against each other after being in the same team now. It would be a problem if unusual accidents started to occur during training matches.

A Glimpse of Tense Relationship

Ramos Messi rivalry has boiled up frustrations from both players. Ramos is famously known as one of the most aggressive defenders in the world. He has often put a stop to Messi’s attacks but also failed to defend against him sometimes. So, things became very much heated between the two. There was a moment when Ramos was supposed to hand Messi the ball but he tossed it over his head. The striker was then seen hurling an abuse “la choucha de tu madre”, the most insulting phrase in Spain.

Nobel Peace Prize for PSG Owners

Many football fans did not believe that these two will ever play together in one team. Fans thought that PSG actually deserves a Nobel peace prize for ending Ramos Messi feud and offering something fresh to the world. To many, it would be exciting to see the chemistry between two of the greatest footballers in Europe.

What will Happen if PSG Faces Real Madrid?

Another common feeling of supporters is that how Ramos would react if PSG faces Real Madrid and their players hit Messi. Previously, it was mostly Ramos who did the honors. As he’s Messi’s teammate now, fans wonder if he will come to Messi’s defense like he did with his Madrid teammates or let him get pushed around by his ex-team. Most probably he will prefer to support his teammate which would make the scenes look something like this episode from Tom and Jerry.

Has PSG become Unstoppable?

PSG made some really interesting signings during the summer transfer window. Apart from Messi and Ramos, Donarumma, and Wijnaldum also came as free agents. The only player they paid a transfer fee for was the Moroccan International Achraf Hakimi (60m euros). Some fans thought that PSG basically got a superpower for way less financial expenditure. One can relate the impact of these players with what happens after Thanos completes his gauntlet in Marvel’s Avengers.

Messi expressed his wish to leave Barcelona in August last year.

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